Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity is who we are, and inclusion is what we do.

Our aspiration is to make Reach a company where all our colleagues feel valued, respected and included for who they are and what they bring to the workplace.

Our Inclusion networks

Our six Inclusion networks, plus our Inclusion Champions group, are open to all colleagues, whether you’re a member of that community or an ally. They will act as safe spaces where you can learn and increase your awareness about these communities.

Led voluntarily by a chair, a committee of colleagues and sponsored by a senior executive, the networks will foster an inclusive culture, increase awareness, enhance personal development and support the broader business and inclusion objectives.

Our Inclusion strategy has three pillars: Connect, Respect and Thrive


Our strength comes from our community and authentic relationships.

  • Building internal networks and specialist groups

  • Developing external partnerships

  • Celebrating diversity and inclusion throughout the year


We treat each other fairly and respect individuality.

  • Equipping senior leaders to make positive changes

  • Empowering people managers with inclusive leadership tools

  • Developing resources and opportunities for all colleagues to work in a respectful culture


We support and encourage equal opportunity to develop, progress and succeed.

  • Attracting and recruiting people of all backgrounds internally and externally

  • Ensuring all colleagues have equal access to opportunities for growth

  • Developing policies, practices and processes with a D&I lens