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For over 50 years Forum have continued to be driven by our Christian principles, determination and focus to provide safe, quality accommodation, along with first class support services to the most vulnerable members of our society. We provide person centred, supported housing across Wirral, Cheshire, and Warrington, with a focus on specialist support services to people who are at risk of, about to become, or are homeless. 

As an experienced Registered Provider working with people with highly complex and complicated lives, we are a trusted partner of local authorities, health, third sector, and community sector organisations.  Focusing on the individual, we deliver excellent outcomes to over 500 people each year through outreach floating support, assessment beds, and high quality supported accommodation.   

Our experienced team go the extra mile and offer endless opportunities to succeed, putting the people we support first, exploring the possibilities together, and equipping people to move forward and realise their future aspirations.

Forum’s holistic approach, caring for our residents’ wellness, helping them grow and to realise their full potential, focusses on developing confidence, skills, resilience, and positive life choices to enable people to live independently, be self-reliant, and become valued members of their community.

October 2018 saw the Association assessed for reaccreditation of the Investors in People Standard, the assessment took place over two days and over 40 staff members met with the Assessor. 


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