Our Core Principles

  1. We believe that all students are unique with different needs, talents, strengths and aspirations and should be challenged to achieve beyond their expectations.
  2. We believe that all of our students are capable of developing the skills and dispositions to become better learners.
  3. We believe that at the heart of our school should be the idea that education is best done ‘with and by’ our students rather than ‘to and for’ our students.
  4. We believe that the purpose of education is preparing our students for their future.
  5. We believe that for the future, learning needs to happen in a variety of learning spaces (in and out of school) and through the supportive use of technology.
  6. We believe we need to build and organise our school to meet the diverse needs of our learners and create an experience that is personalised.
  7. We believe that we need the support and expertise of our whole village and more to educate our children.
  8. We believe that we must make our learning village a place everyone enjoys coming to.
  9. We believe at the heart of our school is a commitment to high quality teaching and continuous professional development.

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