About Us

Our History

In 1913, Aldi started off as a single grocery store in Essen, Germany. Run by Anna Albrecht and her family, it quickly became an established business. When Anna's sons, Karl and Theo, took over in 1946, they set up 300 stores in Germany and eventually expanded across Europe. By 1990 the first UK Aldi store was set up. The 'no frills shopping' with amazing quality at low prices, has been a great success; there are now over 620 stores in the UK and Ireland. 

Our values: Corporate Responsibility

At Aldi, we're dedicated to making sure that what we sell has been grown, caught or made with ultimate care for the environment, and that workers are treated fairly. This is demonstrated in our 5 Corporate Responsibility Principles: 

  • Our customers: We strive to offer the healthiest choices possible and are committed to ensuring our labels say exactly what's in our products. We're actively looking to reduce salt and sugar, and offering healthier checkout displays. 
  • Our supply chain: Low operating costs and the unique relationships we've developed with our suppliers means we can provide top-quality products for a price no one can match. We make sure our suppliers are treated fairly, and that our products are sustainably sourced. 
  • Our environment: We are constantly working to lower our environmental impact by minimising our carbon footprint, reducing the impact of our refrigerants, boosting energy efficiency, and reducing, reusing and recycling waste. 
  • Our people: We work hard to create a friendly cooperative place to work where employees feel like they are part of one incredible team. There's a range of fantastic training courses every year, and we make sure all employees find the personal development they are looking for. 
  • Our community: We are committed to making a difference to communities in the UK. We have longstanding food redistribution and donation initiatives, and have partnered with a number of charities including Teenage Cancer Trust and Farm Africa.