Data Manager / Data Controller

01 Oct 2019
10 Oct 2019
Contract Type
Full Time
Package Data Manager
Purpose and Scope:
The deliverables team will have responsibility for filing, distributing and submitting all technical investigation data to the Client (i.e. logs, field testing data, laboratory schedules, etc.). You will focus on a single work package and ultimately report to the Deliverables Manager who will supervise technical data delivery across all packages.
The Client has challenging and strict turnaround times for receipt of technical data and stringent quality standards. It will be your responsibility to track data and ensure compliance with the specification.
The Package Data Manager will be responsible for the monitoring and timely submission of all the deliverables (internal & external), related to their works package as well as oversight of internal submissions and approval processes. The Package Data Manager will be supported by the Package Data Controller and by various technical assurance specialists who will complete checks of the data prior to Client submission (e.g. lead geotechnical engineer, logging supervisors, hydrogeologists, geophysicists). Therefore you may not have the direct responsibility for this verification (depending on your experience) but you will have the responsibility of ensuring that all technical checks and verification have been completed before issue. The final deliverables should be submitted to the Client through Business Collaborator, and you will also need to be able to use ProjectWise for internal submissions.
The successful candidates will be expected to track the progress of these deliverables against the established timeframes and inform, in advance, the originators, checkers and approvers, when the deliverables are due (through ProjectWise). The data managers should also be able to identify and capture changes in the procedures or/and the deliverables that will/ might have impact on the deliverables program and inform their package manager or/ and the deliverables manager. The Package data managers should have a working knowledge of Ground Investigations and an understanding of their complexities and will also be trained on data management tools/ software, such as ProjectWise and Business Collaborator.
The data manager will have assistance from the package data controller.
Roles and Responsibilities:
Health and Safety
* Propagation of good safety culture throughout the workforce;
* Compliance with all Safety, Health and Environment policies, and compliance with the project SHE plan at any time site work is required;
* Responsibility for reporting any unsafe acts or behaviours to project management, as well as any positive behaviours;
* Authority to stop work if deemed unsafe.
Daily Activities
* Liaise with the site and office based teams in order to track and record the work progress of all deliverables and to ensure on-time delivery;
* Monitor internal submission and approval process in ProjectWise;
* Upload deliverables on Business Collaborator, coordinating with the package Data Controller and Deliverables Manager;
* Liaise with both the Client and the geotechnical/ geo-environmental lab, regarding the lab schedules;
* Communicate Client's comments related to borehole logs to the logging supervisors;
* Liaise with the GIS administrators to ensure that deliverables submitted through the GIS platform are within the time schedule;
* Ensures compliance of works with the health and safety regulations;
* Provide information to the senior management regarding submissions, programme alteration and expected delays;
* Report to Deliverables Manager
The list below includes, but is not limited to, the main deliverables that the package delivery manager will be responsible to deliver in a timely manner:
* GIS files, Archaeology & Ecology inspections
* Exploratory hole instruction sheets
* Pre and post condition surveys
* Permit to dig forms, UXO clearance forms
* Driller's and Engineer's field logs
* In situ testing logs (permeability tests, high pressure dilatometer, etc.)
* H&S documentation
* Geo-environmental and geotechnical lab schedules
* Downhole geophysics, Instrumentation installation records
* Installation development records (pumping tests)
* Exploratory hole completion sheets
* Preliminary and draft logs, ground water and gas monitoring records, laboratory test results
* Draft and final factual report

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