Full time Polish Interpreter & Translator

02 Aug 2019
30 Aug 2019
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Contract Type
Full Time
Full time Polish Interpreter & Translator

Blackburn, England, United Kingdom ?? Recruitment


SALARY: Competitive Monthly Salary + Mileage Pay

Main Requirements

* Interpreters must possess a full UK driver's license and have access to their own vehicle.

* Successful candidates must be able to provide a current, valid Enhanced CRB clearance.

* References to verify interpreting and translation experience.

* You are required to be fluent in English and culturally competent and fluent in your native language(s)

Role of an Interpreter & Translator

Consecutive Interpretation is required in this role with the interpreter in close proximity to the speaker converting one language to another. Everything that is said must be interpreted in the manner said with nothing left out and nothing added.

Translators are needed in a variety of industries to work across a range of documents including scientific, legal and literary with the translator ensuring the original meaning is conveyed as accurately as possible. An excellent command of two or more languages is generally required.

Intrepretation responsibilities

* Please note: Interpreters will only be allowed to interpret in their native language

* Be able to comfortably interpreter in the following settings, including but not limited to; Mental Health Settings, GP Practices, Hospitals, Dental Practices, Police Settings, Court / Criminal Justice Proceedings, Local Authorities, Schools, Councils, Solicitors, education, health and social services sectors.

* Interpret verbal communications in real time into another language with careful attention to context, meaning, tone and technical wording.

* Consult reference works to keep up to date with terminology and acquire specialist knowledge when needed to ensure clarity of translation, particularly when conflicting meanings occur.

* Interpreters must attend booked assignments and will be required to drive themselves to and from assignments.

* Adhere to high standards of professional behaviour, maintain confidentiality and keep to the Interpreter Code of Conduct(s) set out by the NRPSI, IOL, ATC and ITI.

* Work on projects such as community engagement and outreach, obtaining and collating feedback.

Translation responsibilities

The work involves translating a wide range of documents including reports, letters, information leaflets and other material.

The successful candidate will be an experienced translator capable of working accurately, effectively and have a good working knowledge of Microsoft Word or computer aided translation program.

The role includes proof-reading, editing and developing specialist knowledge to ensure the correct, or the most accurate, terminology is used to guarantee the final content is consistent with the original material.


Interpreters should have qualifications in one of the following:

MA in Interpreting / Translation / Linguistics

BA in Interpreting / Translation / Linguistics

DPSI - Diploma in Public Services Interpreting

Community Interpreting Certificate - Level 3

Other equivalent UK & overseas interpreting qualifications


* The successful applicant must have a minimum of one year's professional experience, references required to verify professional experience

* The successful applicant must have a minimum of 200 hours previous experience working as an Interpreter, ideally within the public sector

* Have at least two reference for previous completed projects relating to their professional translation specialism i.e. medical, legal etc.


* Have translated at least 20,000 words in a professional context

* Have at least four references for previous completed projects relating to their translation specialism i.e. medical, legal etc.

The successful applicant must have the ability to communicate fluently in English and another language and possess excellent communication, verbal, written, interpersonal skills and must be self-motivated.

The applicant will be expected to work well as part of a team and be comfortable working to constructive advice and direction from managers. The role requires an ability to cope with pressured situations, deadlines and to be able to deal with sensitive situations such as breaking bad news.

Other key competencies include:

* Dedication, reliability and confidentiality

* An in-depth knowledge of the culture/s relating to the languages you will be translating

* Subject matter expertise plus knowledge of relevant communities

* Knowledge of current affairs, politics, cultures and customs relating to the non-English language you will be using

* Knowledge and adherence to Ethnic Health office procedures

* Recognise Equality and Diversity and the importance of human rights with dignity and respect. Act in accordance with legislation, policies and procedures.

* Computer proficiency (proficiency with translations software would be useful) and using computer aided translation (CAT) tools

Understanding and ability to work within the Language Empire Code of Conduct


Employment / Statutory Benefits

* Pension Scheme

* Occupational Health & Well Being Services

Continued Professional Development & Training

* Access to over 36 CPD Courses

* Access to further qualifications

* Paid professional body memberships

* Gain additional skills from working within an office environment

* Ability to develop strong professional working relationships both within the office, and with customer organisations

* Industry Knowledge - sector specific training

Added Value Benefits

Opportunity to take part in company funded recreational activities

Monthly staff outings

Health Care - Immunisations etc

Free Parking

Perk Box

Reward and Recognition Schemes

Birthday Vouchers

Fixed or Flexible Working hours