Youth Group Coordinator

Autism Family Support Oxfordshire
24 May 2019
21 Jun 2019
Contract Type
Full Time

Saturday Youth Group Co-ordinator

Job Title: Saturday Youth Group Coordinator Location: Wolvercote Youth Centre, St Peters Road, Wolvercote, Oxford

Salary: GBP11.88 per hour

Hours of Work: 3.75 hours per week, term time The core working hours are Saturdays 9:30AM - 12:30PM during school term time. The youth group sessions run term time on Saturdays 10AM - 12PM. An additional 0.75 hours per week is allocated and expected to be worked for preparation, planning, longer sessions/activities, staff meetings, reporting, training and other work as agreed by the Chief Executive Officer. This additional time is paid weekly but may be accrued to accommodate the flexible nature of this work.

Responsible To: Chief Executive Officer Working closely with: Wolvercote Young Peoples Club, and other agencies and organisations as required.

Job Outline: To co-ordinate, maintain and develop a safe and stimulating youth group for young people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders aged 8-12 years. To manage staff, volunteers, activities, budgets and general running and development of the youth group. This project supports children and young people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders in Oxfordshire and their families. It provides specific social skills input as well as activities and opportunities in line with mainstream youth clubs and current Code of Practice and Policies.

Duties and Responsibilities Responsible for managing and delivering a youth group for young people aged 8-12 years with Asperger Syndrome/Higher Functioning Autism.

1. Youth Work 1.1. Responsible for providing a fun, nurturing, and safe youth group for young people with Asperger's Syndrome / Higher Functioning Autism. 1.2. Ensure the respect, dignity and rights of service users as far as possible. 1.3. Build appropriate relationships with young people and assist in providing opportunities to socialise, make friends, and learn through play. 1.4. Responsible for the implementation of current Policy and Codes of Practice on Safeguarding Children, Equal Opportunities, Confidentiality, and to promote good practice generally within the youth group. 1.5. Design and deliver planned weekly activities appropriate for young people with Asperger Syndrome and Autism together with staff and volunteers.

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1.6. Manage the membership of the youth group. Liaising with parents to monitor attendance, and organise joining and exiting plans for members, in conjunction with the Family Support Worker. 1.7. To maintain good communication with the young people's parents. 1.8. Liaise with Family Support Worker to ensure that the children and young people attending are suited to the youth group and receive sufficient support.

2. Staff, Colleagues and Training 2.1. To line manage two Youth Support Workers and a team of volunteers. 2.2. To lead staff briefings and debriefs. 2.3. To maintain good communication with all project staff. 2.4. To maintain good communication with external organisations. 2.5. Ensure staff and volunteers are supported 2.6. To undertake appropriate training as identified with the line manager. 2.7. To assist the Chief Executive Officer in coordinating and leading staff meetings. 2.8. Assist with recruiting staff and volunteers, if relevant. 2.9. To liaise with the Family Support Worker proving updates regarding members and attendance, any need for family support, and as necessary. 2.10. Contribute to training for staff and volunteers, if relevant

3. Local Communities, Organisations and Other Agencies 3.1. To liaise with the local community, and other agencies as appropriate 3.2. Develop local partnerships where appropriate. 3.3. Provide appropriate administrative records.

4 Reports, Monitoring, Evaluation, Administration and Finance 4.1. Responsible for planning and running youth group sessions, including completing Risk Assessments when required. 4.2. Record any incidents/accidents and report to the Chief Executive Officer. 4.3. Provide quarterly monitoring and evaluation reports. 4.4. Attend supervision meetings and staff meetings with the Chief Executive Officer. 4.5. Assist the Chief Executive Officer with developing the youth group.

5. Policy, Practice and other duties 5.1. Responsible for the implementation of AFSO Safeguarding Children, Equal opportunities, Health and Safety, Confidentiality, and other policies and practice. 5.2. Ensure staff, volunteers and parents/carers are aware of issues around Safeguarding Children, Confidentiality and risk assessment 5.3. Maintain confidentiality in all areas of the youth group and Autism Family Support and its work. The nature of the work entrusts people with confidential information about families and staff. Any breach of this confidentiality will constitute gross misconduct. 5.4. Such other duties as required and appropriate for the nature and grade of the post.

6. General Responsibilities 6.1. Promote a positive image of autism and the organisations involved with the project. 6.2. Carry out any duties as are within the scope, spirit and purpose of the job, the title of its post and its grading, as required by your Line Manager and the AFSO Trustees

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