Teacher of Computer Science

Vacancy Filler Limited
13 Feb 2019
13 Mar 2019
Contract Type
Full Time


* To keep up-to-date with relevant curriculum developments and with the information on syllabuses, moderation and assessment.
* To adopt appropriate and varied teaching and learning strategies, including differentiation of work for students with different needs.
* To take positive steps to get to know the individual strengths and weaknesses of the students in each group to enable learning to be achieved more effectively.
* To assist in the development of schemes of learning including the development of teaching materials.
* To consult their line manager and make suggestions regarding textbooks, stationery, equipment, IT software and other resources available within the appropriate area.
* To conform with internal assessment policies on homework, marking, recording and reviewing and adhere to all examination board regulations.
* To ensure the completion of target grade data and summary reviews by the calendared deadlines.
* To review student performance against their target grade and adjust support and offer challenge as appropriate.
* To enter a dialogue with each student about their progress and the actions needed to improve.
* To consult with the subject leader if a student continues to perform below target grade.
* To ensure that the student work is promptly marked and that an up to date online record of weekly homework and assessment grades is kept.
* To complete and record attendance at every lesson according to College Policy.
* To use the appropriate referral systems and procedures when a student is having difficulty with work in spite of help offered, has a poor attendance record, is negligent, unpunctual, hands in work late or not at all.
* To follow the college procedure on setting work for classes when absent from college.
* To attend appropriate calendared meetings.
* To attend Parents' Evenings, Open Evenings and similar directed events.
* To participate in professional development activities, including subject updating and wider relevant curriculum developments.
* To participate in the College's Appraisal System. This may include their responsibility and role within the area and setting and reviewing agreed targets on an annual basis / reflecting college objectives and curriculum targets / aims.
* To participate in the induction and mentoring of new staff.
* To take part in college Quality Assurance procedures, such as course reviews, IQRs, setting and monitoring of individual targets for students and courses.
* To contribute to the achievement of course targets for retention and achievement, including added value.
* To participate in a review of student evaluation data on teaching and learning.
* To implement strategies identified in appropriate development plans.
* To participate in peer observation procedures.
* To compile subject references for UCAS and job applications.
* To provide information and advice on progression within the subject in conjunction with the careers department and Tutor / Student Progress Manager.
* To contribute to marketing of the subject through a presence at Open Evenings, Introductory Days and Enrolment.
* To provide enrichment opportunities.
* To implement the College's Strategic Plan in relation to the teaching area.

* To carry out the professional duties of any subject teacher (see Appendix 4 of the SFCEF Teacher Handbook).
* To participate in the College's Performance Management system.
* To promote and ensure compliance with all college policies and procedures. In particular, to ensure equality of opportunity and the effective application of health and safety procedures.
* Any other duties required by the Principal, which are reasonable within the purview of the post.