Digital Product Manager

Pearson UK
11 Aug 2018
06 Sep 2018
Contract Type
Full Time

Digital Product Manager


About Pearson

At Pearson, we're committed to a world that's always learning and to our talented team who makes it all possible. From bringing lectures vividly to life to turning textbooks into laptop lessons, we are always re-examining the way people learn best, whether it's one child in our own backyard or an education community across the globe. We are bold thinkers and standout innovators who motivate each other to explore new frontiers in an environment that supports and inspires us to always be better. By pushing the boundaries of technology - and each other to surpass these boundaries - we create seeds of learning that become the catalyst for the world's innovations, personal and global, large and small.

This role is responsible for developing and delivering our strategy for designated, value-add digital services that make it easier for schools, colleges, training providers and employers to implement our qualifications effectively, and that ultimately give Pearson a competitive advantage over its competitors.

Key Accountabilities:

? To maintain a deep understanding of customer needs and market dynamics for a designated segment of the market (e.g. external assessment data services, e-portfolios, digital certification) through close liaison with customers (colleges, training providers, employers and schools) and analysis of the competitive environment

? To maintain a deep and coherent understanding of the effective use of technology, how it can meet our customers' core needs and how it can improve our customer experience

? To lead development of the business strategy for designated digital services and/or segments of the market that are part of our integrated proposition across free and paid-for, and assist our customers to implement our qualifications effectively

? To manage the day-to- day running of designated services and 'road maps' for new digital developments, working with technical teams to prioritise effectively so the highest business value features are delivered in line with business priorities

? To provide a best-in- class and improving customer experience throughout the lifecycle for designated services, working with virtual sector qualification teams, Sales, Marketing, Customer Services and external and internal partners to ensure that designated services grow their user base and usage and meet our business goals

? To contribute to the growth strategy of our vocational and work-based learning portfolio and the continual improvement of how we do things as a department and as a wider business.

Main responsibilities:

1. Developing and maintaining segment, sector and market insight

? Develop and maintain an in-depth and up-to- date understanding of appropriate qualification, assessment and QA processes.

? Create and maintain an in-depth evidence base of tutor/centre needs and behaviours for designated services and/or market segments throughout the life of our qualifications and services through regular research with customers (i.e. colleges, private training providers, employers and schools)

? Develop and maintain insight into how technology can meet our customers' core needs and improve Pearson's ability to support them.

? Develop and maintain a deep understanding of competitors for designated services and/or market segments, tracking and anticipating their activity and identifying the optimum positioning and direction for Pearson (e.g. 'match', 'overtake', 'partner')

2. Developing strategy and propositions, managing budgets, and forecasting

? Create propositions that have clear USPs, have a good customer experience, are part of our integrated proposition across free and paid-for, are aligned to our qualifications strategy and meet KPIs agreed

? Track, analyse and respond to competitor activity

? Manage opex and capex budgets for designated services and/or market segments

? Contribute to the financial and strategic planning process, in particular KPIs, budgets and resource plans for designated services

? Work with colleagues across Pearson to win new business, in particular tenders that arise from apprenticeship and Sainsbury reforms that require designated digital qualifications services

3. Supporting customers through the lifecycle and improving customer experience

? Monitor customer experience for designated services at regular points through the lifecycle (from customer satisfaction tracking and usage statistics to regular, in-depth qualitative insight)

? Work with colleagues (e.g. virtual sector qualification teams, Sales, Marketing, Customer Services and external and internal partners) to provide best-in- class and improving customer experience for designated services, to deliver consistently high satisfaction and retention levels, and to grow user bases and usage

? Anticipate and meet customer needs better than our competitors, defining and briefing new features at appropriate points in the qualification lifecycle as part of a coherent, integrated proposition across free and paid-for.

4. Briefing, developing and launching new products and services

? Maintain the 'road maps' for designated services, ensuring that optimum performance and resilience, new product features and existing customer requirements are balanced and appropriately prioritised (making data-driven decisions to inform this, e.g. usage statistics).

? Work with colleagues (e.g. in VQ Assessment, Operations, virtual sector qualification teams) to define features and refine development requirements that are based on strong research and evidence bases and are aligned with our qualifications services strategy

? Work with technical teams (e.g. Product Owners, user experience and design experts) or external partners / suppliers,to create attractive and accessible user experiences that are delivered to schedule, budget and quality

? Work with Sales, Marketing and professional development colleagues to devise and implement effective, data-driven onboarding strategies and customer journeys, including customer-facing events

5. Leadership and people management

? Work effectively in virtual teams with colleagues across Pearson to ensure a positive working culture, in support of Pearson UK and BTEC and Apprenticeships divisional strategies

? Champion a 'customer first' culture across Pearson, ensuring that all decisions are made with reference to the needs of our customers and learners

? Lead on departmental initiatives to deliver better service to our customers and learners, and drive growth

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