IQRA Academy
17 May 2018
31 May 2018
Contract Type
Full Time


The following information is provided to assist teaching staff to understand and appreciate the work content of their post and the role they are to play in the Academy. However, the following points should be noted:

The post holder is required to carry out the professional duties of a school teacher as set out in the current School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document, and such particular duties which the Principal may reasonably direct from time to time;

This document must be read in conjunction with the Framework of Professional Standards for teachers, post-threshold teachers, excellent teachers and advanced skills teachers as appropriate;

The details set out below describe the main duties and responsibilities relating to the post; however, a document such as this does not permit every item to be specified in detail, nor does it direct the particular amount of time which should be spent in doing so.

* Responsible to the Principal and/or Vice Principal.
* To teach pupils either in the role of a class teacher or as a support teacher, as may be directed by the Principal.
* Planning and preparing in order to teach, according to educational needs, pupils assigned to them.
* Assessing, recording and reporting on the development, (intellectual, social, emotional and behavioural), progress and attainment of pupils.
* The above work will be carried out according to this academys designated policies.
* Promoting the general progress and well being of all individual pupils within the academy.
* Communicating, consulting and co-operating with colleagues, parents, support agencies and other relevant bodies and participating in meetings arranged for any of the purposes described above.
* Participating in professional performance.
* Participating in Continuous Professional Development.
* Maintaining good order and discipline and safeguarding pupils' health and safety when concerned with both in and out of school activities.
* Participating in all team planning meetings.
* Ensuring that the classroom environment supports current teaching and learning and in designated areas around the academy.
* Covering in accordance with Teachers' Pay and Conditions of Service Document.
* Participating in National and school assessment procedures.
* Contributing to the professional development of in-house colleagues.
* Co-ordinating or managing the work of in-house colleagues.
* Participating in administrative tasks stated in the with Teachers' Pay and Conditions of Service Document.
* Take assembly in accordance with Academy policy.
* Participating in, and reporting on, any initiatives described within the school improvement plan.
* Ensuring that teaching areas are tidy with drawers labelled, equipment neatly arranged and accessible.
* Ensuring care and replacement of both classroom and central equipment.

Compiled by: Shahnaz Anwar- Bleem, Principal, January 2015

Post Grade: MPS / UPS

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