London or Paris - Graduate Programme 2018 - Junior Models Inspecteur

BNP Paribas
10 Apr 2018
30 Apr 2018
Contract Type
Full Time

In charge of periodic control, Inspection Generale carries out the function of internal audit and contributes to the protection of the activity and reputation of the BNP Paribas Group.

Inspection Generale provides an objective assurance of Risk Control to BNP Paribas Group operations globally and is headed by the Inspecteur General who reports directly to the Group CEO.

Within Inspection Generale, the "Markets & Models" Audit Line is in charge of covering the audit perimeter pertaining to Markets & Models group-wide. In particular, the scope of the Audit Line includes Global Markets activities, ALM-Treasury and all models in use within the Group.

Within the Markets & Models Audit Line, the Models team brings together graduates from top-notch European universities and schools, with a major in Quantitative Finance, Financial Mathematics, etc.

Within the Models team, you will work for 18 months (approx. 5 audit assignments) as a Junior Models Inspecteur, performing audit assignments on models, reviewing the design, the validation, the implementation and the monitoring of a sample of models from various types (valuation, risk, ALM, credit, insurance...) which are used within BNP Paribas.

After 18 months, you will have the possibility either to move on to a different position within BNP Paribas, or to continue rapidly enriching your personal development by joining the Markets & Models "classical" Inspecteurs team for another 18-month period, to expand your field of intervention by participating to diversified assignments on Global Markets activities, ALM Treasury and models. These assignments are often transversal and/or thematic, covering a specific activity or topic in multiple countries or product lines worldwide, and they often require a high level of involvement and geographical mobility.

You will report directly to Jerome Frugier, Deputy Head of the Markets & Models Audit Line in charge among others of the Model Risk Management Audit activities.

Inspection Generale is recognized internally as a key talent pool and talent developer within BNP Paribas and successful inspecteurs will subsequently benefit from multiple career opportunities within the Group.

Key responsibilities

During audit assignments on models (during their first 18-month period), you will:
  • Analyze and assess the quality of models of various types,
  • Ensure that the models are mathematically and financially sound, and that their design and their validation were properly done,
  • Ensure for every audit that any applicable regulation is complied with,
  • Formulate dedicated Findings and Recommendations in order to remediate to identified gaps in the model risk management framework,
  • Assess the actions of the management teams audited,
  • Contribute to and produce key deliverables such as synthetic feedback to auditees, scorecards, assignment ratings, assignment reports etc.

During "classical" assignments in the second 18-month period, you will have similar responsibilities but on a broader perimeter, encompassing Global Markets activities, ALM Treasury and models.

Skills Required

Academic background:

You are a graduate from a top-notch European university or business school or engineering school.

A major in Quantitative Finance, Statistics, Probability, Stochastic and Financial Mathematics is required.

Familiarity with Data Analytics tools and methodologies would be a plus.

Behavioral skills:
  • Excellent adaptation skills
  • Ability to work in a team in a stimulating and demanding environment
  • Capacity to analyze and synthesize information
  • Good writing skills

Language skills:
  • The working language is English. Fluent English (both written and spoken) is necessary. A second foreign language will be a plus.

Location: London / Paris

Salary: Competitive

Opening Date: 6th of April

Closing Date: 8th of May