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Go Abroad China
United Kingdom
06 Apr 2018
25 Apr 2018
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Full Time
The program places young graduates into very executive Internship positions with host companies in China. These positions are located in ever growing industries in China with international touch. Participants will get hands on experience in their respective areas of specialty.Participants are made to work in departments of their desire with job descriptions properly fit by HR managers of the Host companies. It is intended to add value and transform participants to think globally and educate them about contemporary work ethics.
Job descriptions are perused by experts to ascertain that jobs are qualified to give participants the skills it takes to stand out in the modern job market

In a separate arrangements, Participants will also be taught Chinese Business Models and how to conduct business with Chinese Business Persons.
Participants who excel are usually maintained and offered long term contracts

Contents of the program

These elements are professionally delivered to ensure satisfaction.
  1. Paid Internship Placement in China
  2. Business Studies
  3. Chinese Language Classes
  4. Visa services. We have a specialized department that deals with visa issues and they guide participants through the filling of application forms to submission at the embassy. Our visas do not fail.
  5. Housing. There are wide varieties to suit every budget. We have Private apartments, homestays, Shared Apartments, 5 Star Hotel arrangements, Youth Hostels,etc with maximum security and safety
  6. Culture Electives, Social Activities and Guided Tours
  7. Networking Events. We expose our participants to Chinese business communities for networking purposes.
  8. Total Service Pack: Support and Assistance
  9. Airport pick up
  10. Training & Orientations
  11. Transportation Cards
  12. City Maps
  13. 24/7 support
  14. Post - Participation Services.
  15. Certificate Upon Completion

Why intern with Go Abroad China:

With over 10 years of experience and established partnerships with more than 600 companies, Go Abroad China provides participants with invaluable work experience through an internship in China. Over 3500 talented undergraduates, graduates and young professionals from all over the globe joined Go Abroad China Internship program.
  • The GAC China Internship Program provides student and graduate internships across the most exciting and important industry sectors operating in China.
  • Choose from our extensive list of sectors including finance,law, sales, marketing and PR, clean-technology, IT and many more. From multinationals to SMEs.
  • Go Abroad China is continuously growing and extending its network of Chinese and international companies. We are committed to offering you the best professional experience in accordance with your educational background and professional goals.
  • So, if you have decided to come to China? Here are reasons to join Go Abroad China Internship in China Program:

Professional internship placement guaranteed

Finding an internship in China can be a tough and time-consuming task. At Go Abroad China you are in good hands. With our extensive experience, we are able to make perfect match of our clients to their preferred areas using their CVs and their Internship desires. The client is the central point of attention and we deliver without delay.

Continuous feedback about your progress and performance

Throughout the China internship, Go Abroad China will frequently communicate with both the intern and the partner company to ensure that the internship experience is varied,structured and managed in a professional way. All these efforts are geared towards client satisfaction and delivery.

Onsite support from GAC professional staff

With many years'experience placing young talent into China-based companies, our multilingual team is dedicated to offering you the best international internship opportunities in Beijing or Shanghai. Our clients are allocated coordinators who escort them from airport and act as guides during your entire stay. They make sure your stay in china is hassle free as we are not only interested in your internship slot but to ensure your comfort, safety and well-being while you stay in China.

Chinese language studies & fun activities

Integrating Chinese language studies with work experience, students will not only learn Mandarin Chinese through in class instructions, after-class tutorials, elective workshops,language exchange, social activities, guided tours, but also, they will also be able to practice their Chinese at work place and other programs as unique field trips, dinner parties, volunteer and culture excursion opportunities, Go Abroad China will help you become immersed in the local culture.

Social network support

In addition to the China internship, Go Abroad China delivers a Guest Speaker Series and offers a variety of networking and business events. Participants get the chance to listen to talks by experienced China CEOs, managers and entrepreneurs. When attending business and social networking events, Go Abroad China also gives you the chance to meet western and Chinese professionals from a range of companies and organizations. Exchanging business cards is common practice in China, and we will show you how to network effectively and develop your future career opportunities. Go Abroad China alumni also form long-lasting friendships even after the program. When there are job openings,Go Abroad China alumni are the first to hear about it in our LinkedIn Alumni Network.

Get a letter of reference and establish contacts for your future career

Go Abroad China is always at hand to make sure that both sides are able to communicate feedback and we also insist upon performance reviews. In addition, at the end of the internship, Go Abroad China issues certificates and a reference letter from internship companies.

Secure a better job

Over 60% of Go Abroad China participants were offered to continue their internship experience or were offered a full-time position from their employer. In today's technology-driven job search world, who-you-know is still relevant. Go Abroad China internship Program helps create strategic relationships with professionals in your industry. And, you become part of a network of ambitious Go Abroad China alumni from around the globe.