Paid Market Research Participants wanted UK wide - £40+ per hour

research-i Ltd
London, Greater London and beyond - Across the UK
£40-£100+ per research project
27 Mar 2018
24 Apr 2018
Groups, online, telephone, game testing, in-home
Contract Type

Would you like to earn cash incentives starting at £40+ simply for giving your opinion? If yes, come and join research-i today. It's free to register and only take a minute!

We are looking for members of the public to join up so that we can invite you to take part in enjoyable, paid market research projects. You can have your say on the products and services you care about. Payments range from £40 to £100+ so there's something for everyone. Sometimes you can take part from the comfort of your own home, other times you will be invited to attend a central venue. As such, we need people from all over the UK.

We offer our members the opportunity to participate in the following types of paid research: 

- Group Discussions 
- One-to-One interviews 
- Game Testing 
- Online communities 
- Telephone / Skype interviews 
- In-Home interviews 
- Website and App testing 
- Product Testing 
- Family/Friendship Groups 

- Sometimes we have multiple day projects where incenitve payments are much higher (£200-£400 typically).

If selected to take part in one of our research projects you will always be rewarded monetarily, usually in cash but sometimes electronically, e.g. Bank transfer/PayPal/Vouchers. Typically research sessions last for between 1 and 3 hours and will be held during the day or evening. You will always be told upfront when and where the research takes place so that you can decide if you would like to be considered or not.

Join research-i today so that you can influence tomorrow's world!