Senior Software Engineer

14 Mar 2018
22 Mar 2018
Contract Type
Full Time

We believe that top engineers are adaptable and multi-disciplinary. Your involvement will cover all parts of planning, designing, explaining, testing, implementing, deploying and supporting our solution.

You will need to be confident across the stack; you are equally comfortable optimising the database schema and building RESTful APIs. Assessing and choosing which new technologies to work with alongside your colleagues. You are excited by working in a cross-functional team of smart product people, front-end engineers and data-scientists. Flexibility and fast-paced iteration don't scare you because you know that's the path to success. You care about more than just shipping code, you want to build and grow with the business.

Skills Technology, Flexible, Java, SQL SERVER, Linux, Scripting, Start-up, Testing, Automation, Data integration, DevOps, software security, GitLab, RESTful APIs, Senior Software Engineer, ci/cd, Service-Oriented Architectures, database schema, data systems, Java-8, agile Test Driven Development, version management


Skills & Experience
  • Consider yourself as someone who is very comfortable in SQL Server but also familiar with other databases and data systems, scripting, automation and data integration in general.
  • We'll need you to be very comfortable in the language of your choice: we extensively use Java and have a strong preference for Java-8.
  • Up to date on service-oriented architectures at scale
  • Current experience in an agile Test Driven Development (TDD) environment.
  • An understanding of software security.
  • Knowledge of Linux and DevOps. (We'll help you out where there are knowledge gaps)
  • We use Gitlab for CI/CD and version management, it won't be a problem if you have only used Jenkins and have limited automation experience.

About us

Fospha is an analytics company looking at user journeys through online and offline systems. These journeys happen when users are doing various activities such as buying goods, reading content, communicating with each other and learning. Our work is therefore relevant to many industry sectors and combines computer science, software engineering, mathematics, data science and user interface design.

Fospha is a growing early stage company. This makes it an exciting place to work for people who like the challenge and opportunity of finding their way in a rapidly growing market. Fospha has many existing paying customers, substantial revenues and a large number of active prospects. This means that our work is focused on what real customers need and our messaging and product market fit is being tested daily with our clients. We have both large enterprise clients in the UK and the US as well as small clients giving us exposure to a wide range of client concerns.

The largest current demand we have is to help companies discover, report on and improve the economics of acquiring new customers and to attribute customer acquisition costs to the value those customers generate over their lifetime. This involves data integration to follow user activities over time and across different systems, correlation and analysis to link together the actions of individual users across all the devices they might be using, segmentation of users against the routes they arrive on, their behaviour and their outcomes, and predictive modelling to identify probable outcomes and trigger automatic interventions to improve those outcomes.

Related to this are specialisms that Fospha is developing in product recommendation and in fraud detection and credit risk modelling based on user behaviour, as well as emerging opportunities to apply the same customer journey focused technology to learner journeys in online learning and social media platforms.

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