Build your career as a Programmer (Learn Java / JavaScript / C# / Pyth

London Academy Of IT
United Kingdom
05 Mar 2018
23 Mar 2018
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Full Time

Do you want to build your career as a programmer/developer by learning programming from scratch? You can start programming by attending just 2 days long (10 hours) training course at London Academy of IT. We'll try our best to find work placement for you once you have completed courses with us.

The Programming courses we offer

We are providing the following programming language training courses:

  • Java
    • Programming With Java for Beginners (10 hours, GBP200)
    • Java Programming with Object Orientation (10 hours, GBP220)
    • Java Programming with Advance Concepts (10 hours, GBP220)
  • Python
    • Python Programming for Beginners (10 hours, GBP200)
    • Python Programming (Intermediate) (10 hours, GBP220)
  • JavaScript
    • JavaScript and jQuery for Beginners (15 hours, GBP280)
    • Advanced JavaScript with jQuery & Node.js (10 hours, GBP220)
    • Dynamic Web Development with AngularJS (15 hours, GBP280)
  • C#
    • Programming With C# for Beginners (10 hours, GBP200)
    • Advanced C# Programming (10 hours, GBP220)
  • PHP
    • PHP For Beginners (10 hours, GBP200)
    • Advanced PHP (10 hours, GBP220)
    • ASP.NET Development with C# and SQL Server (10 hours, GBP220)

You can save 10-20% by booking multiple courses as a package. You will also get 10% off on your next individual course after completing any course with us. We also offer 10% discount to any full time student.

All these programming languages are very popular and have very high demand for this skills in the IT job market. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are not sure which programming language you should learn.

Career Opportunities after training

After completing the full courses of any the programming languages, you can start looking for job. We may arrange an internship work for you within a company if you need. Usually it is unpaid job, but travel and meal expenses can be provided at some places. The length of the inter could be between 1 and 4 weeks. It is a good opportunity to get work experience.

Training Venue

Getting to London Academy of IT is easy. It situated at Stratford which is a transport hub and has excellent rail, Tube and bus links.

Address of the Training Venue:

London Academy of IT
Boardman House
64 Broadway
London E15 1NT

Further Information

Please give us a call on , apply this ad or visit our website at for more information.

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