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£15 - £25 per hour - Great rates of pay for part-time work
10 Oct 2017
07 Nov 2017
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Are you a professional, wanting to give something back?  
Could you appreciate the satisfaction of helping others succeed?

Are you at university, needing valuable work experience? 
Shouldn’t you be able to earn good money at the same time?

Are you a teacher, knowing there is more to educating than just delivering the curriculum?
Wouldn’t you like to be able to give students the one-to-one attention they deserve?

Whatever your background, have you considered part-time tutoring as a complement to your career aspirations?  There are many reasons why people like you find tutoring rewarding:

  • You genuinely enjoy helping others overcome barriers to their success
  • You are studying yourself and find that teaching grounds your own learning
  • You miss academia, and would relish being a coach
  • You would like a good job reference
  • You would welcome an income that you can ring-fence for personal development (or just a good holiday!)

If you have teaching, tutoring, training, coaching or mentoring experience... great!  If not, no problem – you may need to do some brushing-up, but we do provide guidance and support to help people new to tutoring.  We care about the quality of our service – and that means we care about you.  As a Tutor Doctor tutor, you have...

  • Access to our live job-board of constantly available students
  • Your choice of students, based on criteria that are important to you (like location)
  • Full information about the student and the home so you know what you are getting into
  • Only the best customers (who we have screened, eg for financial probity)
  • Good rates of pay, including Full-Pay for cancellations
  • The support of our office 8 hours per weekday (phone, email or in-person)
  • New online-learning platform for remote tutoring (coming soon)

Tutor Doctor provides affordable one-to-one supplementary education to children and adults.  We have great local tutors (and we are proud to be helping families all across Surrey), but the rapid growth of tutoring means that we are always looking for personable individuals who can help our Primary, GCSE and A-level students in English, Maths and Science.  For example, here is a selection of our current assignments:


· Year 12 – A-levels:
- A-level Biology (AQA) 
- A-level Chemistry (Edexcel)                      
90 mins pw ~ 1 year   [Tue & Thu: 5-6.30 pm]
A strong student who is dyslexic - looking for a tutor as overall support through A levels

· Year 8 – English 
60 mins every 2 weeks ~ 7 months   [Thu from 5.30pm]
Student is dyslexic and needs a sympathetic English tutor to help with SPAG and essays


· Year 11 – GCSE History (Edexcel)
60 mins pw ~ 9 months   [Tue & Thu: 5-7pm]
Student would like to revisit year 10 topics and ensure understanding of year 11 material as the pace of the class feels very fast

· Year 11 – GCSEs:
- GCSE Classical Civilisation (OCR J199) 
- GCSE History (AQA 8145) 
60 mins pw ~ 9 months   [Mon-Fri: 11am-3pm; Sat & Sun: pm]
Student is finishing year 11 at home and is looking for support in 6 subjects, hoping for 1 hr per week per subject tutoring (or have longer sessions if 1 tutor can do multiple subjects)

· Year 5 – Literacy & Numeracy
60mins pw ~ 9 months   [Mon: 4-5.30pm; Thu: 4.30-6.30pm]
Student is behind on most aspects of English and about half of Maths

· Up to age 11 – Science (for fun & interest) 
60mins pw ~ 6 months   [Weekdays 4-5pm]
Student with Aspergers has just started a specialist school, having been home-tutored for summer term Year 6 (by TD). One of our tutors did "interesting science" for fun and they would like to continue this with student and younger sibling


· Year 13 – A levels : Maths (AQA) & Chemistry (Edexcel) 
90mins pw ~ 1 year   [Mon-Thu: 5-7pm; Sat: 10-1pm]
Student received disappointing A/S results

· Year 9 – Maths
60mins pw ~ 6 months   [Sat mornings]
Student needs help keeping up with Maths


· Year 11
- GCSE French (AQA)
60mins pw ~ 3 months   [Wed or Fri: 6pm]
- GCSE Physics (Triple award - Edexcel) 
90mins pw ~ 1 year   [Wed or Fri: 6pm]
A* student who has missed some schooling on medical grounds

· Year 6 – 11+ preparation
60mins pw ~3 months   [Wed & Thur: 4-7pm (preferred); Sat pm; Sun: all day]
A very bright student needs help with preparing for an entrance exam & exam technique

· Key Stage 2 – Numeracy 
60mins pw ~ 9 months   [Tue: 4.30-6.30pm (preferred); Mon & Wed: 4.45-6.30 pm]
Student needs help to build confidence and skill in Maths, as has struggled since year 4

· Year 6 – English for 11+  
60mins every 2 weeks ~ 10 weeks   [Mon 4-7pm]
Student needs a replacement English-only tutor for 11+. Tutoring is every other week to alternate with Maths tutor


· Year 10 – GCSE Science
60mins pw ~ 4 months   [Sun ideally 11am-1pm] 
Year 11 – GCSE Science  
60mins pw ~ 4 months   [Sun ideally 11am-1pm] 
Tutoring is for 2 siblings who would like general polishing of their science skills for GCSE

(These are real students who need our help right now...)

With Tutor Doctor there is no obligation to take on any students – registration is risk-free – and you have full control over your own diary… so you can pick and choose assignments that suit both you and your schedule.

If this sounds as if it might be of interest, pop your CV over to us. We can have a chat to answer any questions you may have, so do get in touch – we look forward to hearing from you!