Chief Executive Officer

Broadway Specialist Treatment Centres For Addiction
Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset
Starting salary of £60,000 (negotiable, dependent on experience)
01 Aug 2017
28 Aug 2017
Contract Type
Full Time

An abstinence-based, 12-step, CQC registered residential addiction treatment centre in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.  We are the oldest and most experienced facility of this kind in the UK and have been supporting people into recovery for over 40 years. 

Our charitable purpose is: ‘To restore lives addiction has taken away’ and this principle is central to everything we do, alongside the need to remain agile and sustainable within a difficult financial environment.

This is a very special place where people find acceptance, love and support and are challenged to be everything for which they have the potential but of which addiction has robbed them.  We provide a safe haven from the old haunts and behaviours during clients’ early days of recovery and give them a platform from which they can transform their lives.  We challenge negative thinking and give encouragement and inspiration towards a new way of living that offers full personal freedom and an experience of true belonging and citizenship, including contributing to and benefitting from the rights and responsibilities of society. 

We are looking for someone who understands and believes in our 12-step philosophy, values every member of staff for their contribution both in the work they do and the ideas they offer, and has astute strategic and business acumen that is able to read the external environment and adjust our market position for long-term sustainability.

Whether or not the new Chief Executive Officer is a 12-stepper her/himself s/he will need to embody the principles of this liberating programme and model it in all her/his actions.   S/he will work to ensure that all staff at all levels will look forward to coming to work every day, will feel supported and find joy  and satisfaction in their daily activities, and will see themselves as belonging to an exemplary and liberating recovery culture.

As ambassador for our charity and its programme, our new Chief Executive will initiate and develop felicitous relationships throughout the addiction and treatment field and beyond.  You will be an advocate for abstinence-based recovery, identify and evaluate opportunities for development, and will collaborate on projects and ventures that promote and support recovery and freedom.

As Chief Executive Officer you will be the guardian of the treatment philosophy of Broadway Lodge, ensuring that all work is carried out fairly, efficiently and effectively, and operating as a model of good practice within statutory and legal requirements. 

You will work closely with the Board of Trustees, communicating regularly with the Chair of the Board and liaising between the Board and the Senior Management Team and operational staff of the charity to ensure transparent and accurate communication between these strategic and operational functions. 

Working with the Finance Director, you will ensure that a fully costed financial programme is implemented with the purpose of maintaining Broadway Lodge’s financial independence and sustainability.

You will function as a ‘Responsible person’ answerable to the CQC and will support the Registered Manager to engage in a continuous cycle of improvement and responsiveness to learning and feedback.

You will represent Broadway Lodge and be a champion of our work and philosophy across the addiction treatment sector and beyond.

You will work to maintain Broadway Lodge’s reputation as an exemplary provider and expert voice of 12-step treatment and recovery from addiction.

You will oversee all contact and liaisons with external regulatory agencies such as the CQC, the Charity Commission and Service Commissioners.

You will maintain genial relationships with all individuals and agencies across the treatment sector and where appropriate develop liaisons, collaborations, partnership and initiatives with other organisations to the benefit of all parties and particularly our patients.

You will build relationships with individuals, corporates and other organisations to develop mutually beneficial treatment contracts that contribute to the diversity of our client cohort and Broadway’s diversification of revenue streams.

Key requirements for the role:

  • Leadership experience particularly in relation to working with Boards of Trustees and senior management teams.
  • Understanding of strategy and its implementation in a charitable organisation.
  • Understanding of the importance of, and commitment to, integrated governance.
  • Keen sense of own responsibilities and acuity in delegation.
  • Discernment in evaluating and managing priorities.
  • Astute financial management skills.
  • Understanding of, and knowledge of how to implement and manage, the legal and regulatory frameworks of a charity and healthcare provider.
  • Knowledge and capability to manage change effectively.
  • Ability to work within a transformational leadership culture while deploying a transactional approach when necessary.
  • Excellent listening and communication skills in both oral and written media.
  • Confident and persuasive presentation skills.
  • Proven ambassadorial and marketing capability; able to relate to a broad cross-section of people and organisations and promote the work of Broadway Lodge in all circumstances.

Please note, in order to progress your application, alongside sending your CV to Becky Hollingdrake at, we will also need to you to draft an accompanying letter answering our 'WHO ARE YOU' criteria on how you meet the above criteria.

More information on how to apply can be found on the attached documents. For more information on the role please send queries to

Recruitment and selection will be a stepped process beginning with shortlisting a selection of people to invite for interview(s) via skype.

Following this we will compile a shortlist of candidates to visit Broadway Lodge and meet some of our patients and Senior Management Team.

The final candidates short listed will then attend an interview with the Board of Trustees and deliver a presentation.