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Earn an extra £1500 - £5000+/mth around your existing commitments.
20 Mar 2017
17 Apr 2017
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FLEXIBLE WORK FROM HOME earning £1500-£5000+ per month around existing commitments, whatever they may be!  A unique exciting opportunity for 3 ambitious people to join our thriving team has arisen in Birmingham, due to the massive 70% growth we are currently experiencing.

If you can find 10-15 hours a week to work with us, following a simple 8 step system, we will coach you to earn £1500-£2000+/mnth within 6 months, and with consistent work over a longer period of time up £5000pm+.  Is now the time to make a change to your quality of life?

Are you tired of juggling family & work commitments? Tired of the longer hours, the lack of progression, the lack of security?  Perhaps you're tired of being labeled 'lacking commitment' simply because you have a family? Tired of part-time hours offering a ridiculously low hourly rate.... or of missing your child’s special moments?  Tired of trying to make ends meet?   If so, you are just like me and the other people I work with, until we decided to take control.

How?  By working for ourselves, (as part of a dynamic team), self-employed, building our own business under the umbrella of a £100+ million UK company, underpinned by a Global Brand Leader in the booming health, wellness & fitness sector

Are you a natural relationship builder (a ‘people person’), proactive, enthusiastic, hard-working, committed to making a difference, an excellent communicator?

Do you want to work for yourself & develop a better lifestyle, with less stress, more time and have the financial independence to enjoy life?

My name is Madeleine French & 16 years ago I had a ‘very good job’ in a senior role in TV.  A great income…but no life.  I worked longer & longer hours, constantly travelling, and with family & ageing parents, I felt I was never in the right place at the right time.  In my search to change our life I came across this business & having checked it out, saw freedom, security and balance - the ability to earn a 6 figure income, yet have the time to enjoy it.  Over the past 15 years my husband Roger and I have developed a highly successful, secure and stable international business, part-time around our family, around those other commitments we all have and around pursuing our passion - travel.  We are also passionate about helping others do the same. and with our experience and hands on training and support, you are in safe hands.  

We work with people from many different backgrounds but what all these people have in common is ambition, a great work ethic & a strong desire to succeed.

We have 3 opportunities – you choose & WE SHOW YOU HOW

Product Promotion:  Earn £300 to £600+/mth looking after a small regular customer base

Business Leader:  Earn £1500-£2000+/mth helping people to build their own business using our proven system.

Business Developer:  Earn £5k to 20K+/mth coaching, mentoring & helping others develop their businesses across the globe.

With work, not only can you make a great income with us, but you can also drive a new car, & enjoy two, all expenses paid, 5* global trips a year.

Importantly, as you develop your business you will be able to develop a royalty based, ‘pension style’ income (creating a legacy), & to participate in the Chairman’s End of Year Bonus incentive

Want to know more?  Contact us today to find out if we can help you achieve what is important to you.