Senior Manager (Temporary)

North Ayrshire Council
£60,162 per year
14 Oct 2016
31 Oct 2016
Contract Type
Full Time

Role Profile



To be responsible for quality improvement, capacity building and performance management at a local and strategic level and work in partnership with a range of agencies to secure improvement to services.

To take a lead role in service development as directed by the Executive Director.

Take the lead responsibility for a number of key strategies.


Corporate Responsibilities

  • To manage/deliver the Service in accordance with the Council’s corporate policies and procedures and relevant strategy provision.
  • To manage/deliver the service outcomes, in the most efficient and effective way, that delivers the Council’s Strategic Priorities, Council Plan and contributes to the production of Directorate Plans.
  • To manage and monitor Capital and Revenue budgets as assigned and contribute to budget development.
  • To lead, or contribute to, the preparation of cross-service business development plans, as required.
  • To ensure the effective management and leadership of employees, where appropriate.
  • To prepare and co-ordinate reports for the Council, its Committees or working parties and to attend these meetings as required.
  • To undertake any other reasonably required duties, consistent with duties detailed in Part 2 Section 2 of the SNCT Handbook of Conditions of Service, as directed by the Executive Director (Education and Youth Employment) or nominee, in addition to the role specific tasks & responsibilities detailed below.

Role Specific Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Be familiar with all aspects of Education and Youth Employment policy and be seen as a representative of the Executive Director when visiting establishments or services when involved with outside agencies.
  • Ensure early identification and intervention through regular review and monitoring of areas where performance should be improved by devising strategies to address risks.
  • Actively promote better delivery of child centred integrated services, collaborative working and the development of an organisational culture that supports responsibility for self evaluation, continuous improvement and efficiency.
  • Contribute to strategic working groups both internal and external as required and contribute to liaising and negotiating / influencing policy decisions with Education Scotland, Scottish Government, Scottish Futures Trust, SEEMIS, Sportscotland and a range of partner organisations and national bodies.
  • Provide advice, guidance and support to the Executive Director, Leadership Team (Education and Youth Employment), Corporate Management Team and Elected Members.
  • Development and presentation of reports and policies to relevant Council committees on matters within Education and Youth Employment, drawing on knowledge of schools and services to support and inform strategic planning and policy development.
  • Take a lead role in raising attainment, supporting self evaluation, analysis and performance management, reporting and strategic planning within local area establishments.
  • In collaboration with headteachers, manage and develop the delivery of education improvement.
  • Lead, support and implement policy development and effective learning and teaching.
  • Encourage and facilitate shared practice development and disseminate good practice within and across localities.
  • Lead strategic and Council wide initiatives in collaboration with Economy & Communities and Community Planning Partners.
  • Ensure that public / parental enquiries / complaints are managed promptly and efficiently.
  • Take a lead role in the preparation, review and update of the annual Service Plan linked to the Council Plan incorporating performance measures and indicators, setting measurable targets and to monitor their implementation and keep these under regular review.
  • Collage a range of performance information about schools and services in the Council area and use this information in a systematic way with school clusters, service management and the leadership team.
  • Analyse and use complex performance information to challenge schools and services to improve.
  • Lead continuing professional development opportunities as well as identifying and promoting staff development opportunities that drive service and impact improvement.
  • Advise on and, as required, participate in the appointment of senior promoted posts in schools and services.
  • Ensure the application of procedures associated with inspection of learning communities, schools and services including those associated with school reviews.
  • Manage specific budgets relating to given projects.
  • Contribute to and model appropriate team working practices within the service.






Qualification & Registration

  • Full GTCS Registration
  • Required to join the PVG Scheme for this type of regulated work
  • Post graduate qualification, or equivalent
  • Application Form
  • Interview


  • Senior management and leadership experience within a school or education system
  • Experience of working in or leading multi agency teams
  • Application Form
  • References
  • Interview

** Professional Values & Personal Commitment

  • Experience of self evaluation systems


  • Application Form
  • References
  • Interview


Strategic Vision


  • Evidence of a successful contribution to strategic planning
  • Experience of membership of a SMT within an education setting
  • Application Form
  • References
  • Interview

** Professional Knowledge & Understanding

  • Experience of working across sectors / agencies
  • Knowledge of the legislative framework and other national guidance in relation to education
  • Experience of leading cross cutting initiatives
  • Knowledge and understanding of the socio economic, political and national context for the design and development of policy and best practice in public services
  • Application Form
  • References
  • Interview


Interpersonal Skills & Abilities

  • Performance management, analytical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Experience of making prompt clear decisions involving difficult choices or considered risks
  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Adapts to changing circumstances, shows sensitivity, makes ethical and equality based decisions
  • Conscientious and thorough
  • Focused on raising attainment and service improvement
  • Capable of using sound judgement in pressured situations
  • Displays self motivation and willing to develop competencies
  • Sustains a positive outlook, manages conflict appropriately
  • Successful track record in people management
  • Successful track record of delivering performance improvement and change
  • Thinks strategically
  • Application Form
  • References
  • Interview


Professional Actions




  • Application Form
  • References
  • Interview


  • Willing to work flexibly to accommodate service needs
  • Willing to work outwith core working hours, evenings and weekends
  • Application Form
  • Interview
  • Pre/Post-Interview Check (if appropriate)

** The Standard for Registration and Standard for Leadership and Management is actively explored as part of North Ayrshire Council’s recruitment and Professional Review and Development (PRD) processes. Further information on the Standards can be found on the General Teaching Council Scotland website (GTCS)