Knottingley, West Yorkshire, England
29 Sep 2016
27 Oct 2016
Charlotte Cowan
Contract Type
Full Time

Premises Support Manager

Immediate start

Randstad Education is looking to recruit a Premises Support Manager with an immediate start to cover a sickness.

Under the direction/instruction of the Estates Manager and/or appropriate senior staff to be responsible for management of the Academy site and associated facilities under an agreed system of supervision, taking responsibility for the management and development of specialist site services within the Academy. Manage other site staff including allocation and monitoring of work and performance appraisal. Oversee external contractors working on site.

Employment duties:
1.Manage specialist premises function
2.Undertake risk assessment of security risks to the Academy (grounds, premises and contents) including vandalism/arson
3.Allocation and monitoring of work
4.Operate as part of management team, involved in planning, budget responsibilities
5.Lead on discrete areas within an agreed system of supervision
6.Manage maintenance, security and facilities systems on Academy sites and premises. Lock/unlock Academy buildings. Undertake lettings.
7.Contribute to the planning, development and monitoring of premises services and supervision, training and appraisal of caretaking/cleaning staff and contractors
8.Arrange for regular security checks to be undertaken and advise on how security risks can be minimised
9.Manage fire safety equipment provision and scheduling of fire drills
10.Manage provision of alarm systems, CCTV or surveillance equipment where appropriate
11.Liaise with police, security and surveillance contractors
12.Oversee the activities of external contractors on-site and monitor and report on associated budgets
13.Make arrangements for effective response to emergency call out

14.Prepare specifications for maintenance contracts and tenders. To manage the operation of a preventative planned maintenance programme and for routine inspections of the buildings, fixtures, fittings, furniture, premises and grounds to assess for minor work or repairs required to be carried out to maintain safe and satisfactory conditions
15.Manage routine maintenance, repair schedules and specialist repairs to ensure that the general upkeep and maintenance of the premises and grounds is satisfactory as per specific schedule for the Academy.
16.Supervise maintenance contractors and undertake regular site inspections
17.Identify defects and record repair and maintenance requirements
18. Ensure that heating and lighting systems are maintained and operated
19. Provide emergency access to the Academy site
20. Undertake specialist cleaning tasks.
21. Coordinate deliveries to the Academy site
22. Monitor performance of service contractors and record performance against specified standards.
23. Undertake budget monitoring & prepare costed plans for repairs/maintenance and building activities as required
24. Operation of the Building Management System ensuring energy efficiency is maximised.


25. Take a lead role in planning, development and organisation of systems/procedures/policies/energy control and conservation.
26. Manage records, information and data, producing analysis and reports
27. Be responsible for creation and maintenance of purposeful, orderly and productive working environment
28. Be responsible for timely and accurate preparation and use of specialist equipment/resources/materials
29. Promote and ensure the health and safety of pupils, staff & visitors at all times
30. Be responsible for ensuring the maintenance/quality/safety of specialist equipment
31. Demonstrate and assist in the safe and effective use of specialist equipment/materials
32. Provide highly specialist advice and guidance as required
33. Be responsible for the selection and management of resources, including management of a budget and regular audit of resources
35. Manage Health & Safety risk assessments and dissemination and compliance with health and safety policies and procedures

Management Responsibilities

36. Manage in-house site staff and cleaning support staff
37. Liaise with outside contractors such as cleaning, catering and grounds maintenance
38. Take a lead role in recruiting site and cleaning staff & in managing associated employment procedures
39. Liaise between manager, Principal, support staff, and governors
40. Attend all appropriate meetings e.g. Site and Buildings or Health & Safety Committee, as instructed by the Estates Manager
41. Hold regular team meetings with managed staff and/or appropriate senior staff
42. Comply with health and safety policies and procedures at all times
43. Promote and ensure the health and safety of students, staff and visitors at all times
44. Be aware of and comply with policies and procedures relating to child protection, health, safety and security and confidentiality, reporting all concerns to the appropriate person
45. Contribute to the overall ethos/work/aims of the Academy
46. Appreciate and support the role of other professionals
47. Attend and participate in relevant meetings as required
48. Participate in training and other learning activities and performance development as required
49. Recognise own strengths and areas of expertise and use these to advise and support others.
50. Assist in the supervision, training and development of staff. Provide induction training to new staff and visitors
51. Ensure health and safety policies and procedures are complied with at all times by self and others
52. Treat all users of the Academy with courtesy and consideration
53. Ensure safe use by self and others of equipment and materials
54. Establish constructive relationships and communication with contractors and other agencies/professionals
55. Present a positive personal image, contributing to a welcoming Academy environment which supports equal opportunities
56. First Aider

Additional Duties:
A professional duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of all children and young people within the organisation.
To carry out agreed and reasonable supervisory duties as detailed by the Leadership Team.
To participate in meetings with colleagues and parents relative to the post.
Carry out any other duties as directed by the Principal commensurate with the general level of responsibility of the post.
Whilst every effort has been made to explain the main duties and responsibilities for the post, each individual task undertaken may not be identified, especially in the context of a new and growing Academy which requires flexibility in all of its employees.