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Trainee IT Support Specialist
28 Sep 2016
26 Oct 2016
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IT Support Specialist Training Course

Do you have a passion for technology? Are you always helping family and friends with their computer problems and want to find an online IT training course that will give you the knowledge and skills you need to enjoy a fulfilling and exciting career in the IT industry? The IT Support Specialist training programme can help you become an IT professional enjoying the benefits of having the latest technology on hand to provide results.

Did you Know?

Having a career as an IT support specialist can provide you with a good average annual salary. ITJobsWatch in 2015 showed the average salaries as follows:

- Senior Support Consultants enjoy an average annual salary of £50,000.

- Technical Support Managers can earn in the region of £42,750 per annum.

- As an IT Support Manager you can expect to earn around £38,000.

- Third Line Support can have an average annual salary of £37,500.

- IT Support Specialists will earn around £35,500.

- Second Line Support Team Members usually earn around £26,000 in 2015.

- First Line Support Specialists can enjoy an annual salary in the region of £21,500.

Whether you are thinking of starting your career in information technology or you are already working in the industry in early to middle stages, you can take advantage of our IT Support Specialist course, which will provide you with all the knowledge and skills you will need to enjoy a lucrative and successful career now and in the future. Our online training course gives you the ability to build your career while working, studying in your own time without it affecting your daily duties.

Our IT Support Specialist online training courses start from £49.

What Do Our IT Support Specialist online training course’s include?

Our comprehensive training course will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to ensure you provide the best service in your IT career. This includes:

CompTIA A+ ONLY £49 - This section will provide you with the knowledge you need when working in the professional IT industry. This part of the training will give you valuable information on operating systems, components and hardware. It will help you to support users and troubleshoot problems to enjoy a favourable outcome.

CompTIA Network + or N+ ONLY £49 - This section of the IT Support Specialist online training course will provide you with essential information and knowledge on networking.


These training module’s will also provide you with the convenience of a FREE encouragement and learning extra which is a tutor support service offering you twenty four hour, five day a week support for one year. This gives you access to a live chat feature, providing you with essential assistance and advice when you find yourself unsure what to do or how to assist your client.

You can also choose to purchase our Live Labs add-on. This add-on helps you enjoy real life experiences when it comes to routers, switches and servers, as well as operating systems. This gives you the ability to practice online to enhance your studies using real equipment. This can be a useful addition on your CV moving forward.

Our support doesn't stop once you receive your certification, we will provide you with essential support from CV assistance to career guidance. Our experienced team will assist you with interview preparations to help you secure a position within the IT industry.

Apply now on our online form and one of our experienced professionals will contact you so you can start your IT career today.