Senior Support Worker Team Leader

12.00 - 14.00 GBP Hourly
26 May 2021
23 Jun 2021
Contract Type
Full Time
Our client is actively seeking a full time professional to work alongside a dedicated team to support young people to transition into independent living. This essential role is to provide a nurturing and stable environment within the Company's therapeutic ethos, in a Post 16 Residential Unit. This role would suit a person who is able to advocate strongly for a young person to ensure the best possible outcome during this vital period of adjustment into adult life. An essential skill is the ability to listen, observe and evaluate closely in order to fully understand and liaise with other team members to highlight significant issues.

Our client is looking for a candidate to work as a Senior within the Company, with experience in managing and leading a team of key support workers.

The ideal candidate would be able to respect and affirm a young person's racial, religious and cultural identity to enable them to develop authentically in a safe environment.

Candidates must also have an ability to see past presenting behaviours and to connect via a variety of means, including, social life skills, therapeutic activities and participation in effective role modelling. Experience in a therapeutic working environment is essential to the role to work as part of a team to care and support each young person within the home. This role requires the ability to renew and reset in the context of inappropriate behaviours and to develop social skills through encouragement and affirmation of socially acceptable behaviours.

The young person's individual development and needs are to be central to their care plan, including, nutritional, medical and hygiene guidance and support.

A keen and proactive approach to promoting and supporting work placement, further education, sport and recreational interests is highly valued within Sakura. At the same time the young people require varying degrees of support in daily tasks within a domestic setting to support into indepence.

The role will also require an understanding of a Key Worker's responsibilities in liaising with a variety of professionals and outside agencies within the framework and to be able to undertake a variety of administrative tasks, including a meticulous approach to accurate recording and reporting