Materials Research Technician

04 May 2021
05 May 2021
Contract Type
Full Time
Who are we looking for?

In the race to harness the power source of the stars on earth, first you need something to put it in. What do you use to contain the stuff of stars? Given the extreme environment generated by a fusion machine the question of what you would build it out of is paramount and perhaps the limiting factor in what may be achieved.

The Materials Research Facility(MRF) has been built to enable the development of the materials that will enable the commercial development of fusion as a key stepping stone to net zero carbon. You will assist in the preparation, characterisation and testing of materials exposed to the environments generated within a fusion machine to understand their degradation and in service response. This will include handling of radioactive and hazardous materials remotely within dedicated hot-cells and conventional gloveboxes as well as operating within the constraints of the sites processes and procedures.

If you have previous experience of working within a comparable laboratory setting as well as an ability to communicate with customers and colleagues both verbally and in writing, then we would like to hear from you.

What will you be responsible for?

* Preparing metallographic samples to a defined specification for scientific analysis and in a timely manner.

* Handling and movement of radioactive and beryllium components/samples, using glove boxes and assist in loading and unloading of complicated analytical equipment.

* Working with customers to advise on equipment, prepare and undertake experiments as detailed in task specific documentation.

* Ensuring correct stock levels of all required consumables are maintained.

* Undertake routine maintenance where appropriate and liaise with maintenance teams.

* Propose and undertake process and equipment development with support available from the Lead Technician.

* Assist on procedure development for the processes in the MRF and talks with the appropriate departments.

Please note that there is an expectation for you to become a monitored radiation and beryllium worker and a Radiation Protection Supervisor. Also, you will be required to wear relevant PPE and you may be required to work overtime or on rotation