9.50 - 10.00 GBP Hourly + Temp to Perm
04 May 2021
05 May 2021
Contract Type
Full Time
Our clients located in Chatham are seeking a team of experienced Cleaners to complete a deep clean on both their Distillery and Restaurant to prepare for their grand opening to the public. You will be required to complete the following tasks,

We are looking to get you started on saturday 10th April 09:00am - 17:00pm.

If you are interested in this position please apply we are also seeking a Team leader to work along side the team who may have had experience in this role.

* Clean entrance to Visitor area (reception and around the bar area, cleaning floors) all dust must be eradicated and the area must be spotless and free from builders dust.

* Toilets will need to be cleaned thoroughly, washing of the walls removing all surface dirt/brick dust and pipes lights and light switches, basins, urinals, toilet basins, sink basins and all touch areas.

* Once into the Distillery you will need to clean and polish the hand rails on the top and bottom floor, the stairs must be scrubbed of all traces of dirt and dust, plus the floors Public walk way.

* 2nd lot of toilets within the distillery, must have a full deep clean as above.

* Once completed you will then move into the restaurant toilets they will need a thorough clean top to bottom including walls all traces of dust must be removed lights and light switches, basins, urinals, toilet basins, sink basins and all touch areas, around this area the stairs leading up to the kitchen will need a good wipe down, hover.

* Within the restaurant you will need to thoroughly clean the floors/hover making sure all brick dust, cobwebs are completely gone, plug sockets, steel structures and centre pieces are washed and wiped cleaned.

* Wipe down the outside of the bar but not the surfaces making sure all surfaces are dust free.

* Window ledges will need a wash/ wipe to remove residue

* Entrance carpet will need a good brush/hover and clean so its spotless.

* Stairs leading to the upper deck and hand railings need washing and the removal of ALL dust making sure in between the railing are clear of dust, using a hover to remove the worst and then wash then followed by a polish.

* In order for the cleaners to complete the cleaning of the floors tables and chairs will need to be moved but must be put back. All floors will be moped and scrubbed if needed. Floors will need to be the last thing to do.

* Outside toilets will need to be cleaned, walls washed urinals/toilet and floor and touch surfaces, lights and switches must be clear of all dust and grime. This will complete the deep clean. The opportunity of regular cleaning work of two days a week will be available depending on how well the deep clean goes. You will also report to a team leader

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