Data Scientist - Asset Management

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04 May 2021
06 May 2021
Contract Type
Full Time

Job Spec - Distribution Data Scientist

Team Description

This is a data science role Embedded within the Distribution function, the role forms part of the wider Data Insights Unit but is focussed on addressing Distribution challenges and opportunities. The DIU uses data science skills and technologies to unlock the value in data for decision-making and is primarily focused on supporting Investment desks, however, in order to support and nurture a community of data scientists within Schroders, some DIU members are Embedded in other functions within the business, being Distribution one of them.

The quantity of information and data available is increasing at such a rate that traditional industry practices and skillsets are unable to absorb and process it. Global trends in digitalisation, social media, open data and technology are all creating vast streams of information that are often highly unstructured and obscure. However, they contain valuable and often unique insights. The Data Insights Unit aims to extract the rich, hidden information they contain and use their expertise to enhance traditional practice.

Overview of role

This role will be focused on the recently formed Distribution Data Science team, whose core responsibility is to deliver insights into the hands of sales teams, marketing and client services. This encompasses everything from running data science research projects, to developing proof of concepts, building scalable, automated solutions, and integrating these into the day to day lives of users. The team is essentially acting as the bridge between the business and the data.

The Data Scientist will work together with a team of Business Intelligence analysts, engineers, application builders etc. to develop and deliver a product. You'll engage with internal customers, understand their needs and deliver insights or tools to shape their actions. These will take the form of analysis reports and presentations, prototypes, dashboards and involvement in the creation of stand alone applications. Naturally, this requires a blend of skills including data analysis and statistics as well as communication and business experience.

Your day-to-day priorities will be defined by the Lead Distribution Data Scientist, providing a clear picture of where most business value can be created. You'll have a dotted line with the Head of Data Science Research Consulting in the DIU, providing mentorship and support on technical areas of the role as well as connecting you to the wider data science community in Schroders.


  1. Delivery of ad-hoc analysis requests from Distribution Stakeholders, delivered in tools such as PPT, Excel, R or Python
  2. Creation of prototype self-service analytical tools and dashboards. This would be in cases where a question or request is likely to be repeated by other members of Distribution.
  3. Contributing towards the creation of a set of tools, techniques and practices that maximise the impact and efficiency of the team in
    turning raw data into useful and analysable derived data sets, and
    developing re-usable analytical and visualisation methods
  4. Work with the DIU, Distribution Data Science Engineers, and IT to develop and enhance the technical tools including steering the development of the analytics data warehouse for enterprise data, and interconnections with various internal data systems.
  5. Sharing data science knowledge to the wider DIU and Distribution Functions.

Ideal Profile

  • An interest in investment management or finance.
  • Has a natural flair for insightful analysis and enjoys interrogating, exploring and experimenting with data and algorithms.
  • Passionate to provide insight and clear information to others so they can make better decisions.
  • Experience working in a data science function within a B2B environment.
  • Experience in CRM systems such as Salesforce and digital marketing
  • Fascinated by the problem of how to make analysis useful and actionable.
  • A strong statistician, who can adapt to a number of techniques and can work with minimal supervision
  • Ability to perform and discuss a number of technical information/statistical techniques to a variety to audiences.


Essential Technical Skills

  • Demonstrated experience using a wide range of techniques and algorithms (supervised, unsupervised, deep learning) to deliver insight, solutions and recommendations for clients.
  • Strength in Maths, Statistics, and the craft of creating forecasts that non-technical stakeholders can act upon.
  • Expertise in productionising Machine learning Models such as regression, classification, Frequentist/Bayesian methods, boosting/bagging algorithms etc.
  • Programming/automation experience in one or more of R, Python, SQL, VBA, Alteryx.
  • Effective communication of results, including information visualisation principles and presentation skills. Ability to compose dashboards, reports and presentations in one or more of Plotly Dash, Qlikview, D3.js, R.Shiny, Jupyter, Office-Suite (Excel/Powerpoint)

Essential Business Skills

  • Consultancy skills, including the ability to communicate with senior stakeholders and the ability to making changes stick throughout the organisation
  • Creativity and problem solving
  • Commercial focus
  • Pragmatic, action-oriented
  • Ability to see the big picture and how analysis will be used by Distribution to gain a competitive advantage
  • Competence to explain complex technical concepts in simple words
  • Talent for bringing data to life - telling the story behind the data with clear call to action/recommendations


  • Relevant degree subject (eg Statistics, OR, Data Science, any Science)
  • Experience with server-scale data analysis
  • Asset Management/Investment practices
  • Specific experience with CRM (Salesforce), Sales Teams and Digital analytics

Team Culture

As a Data Scientist in Schroders, you will also be part of the Data Insights Unit, which is a friendly, dynamic and exciting team of over 25 data professionals, and welcomes applications from a diverse range of individuals at all levels of hiring. Schroders has strong support for flexible working practices, including modern technology for remote working. As such we offer a friendly and welcoming home for diverse and neuro-diverse individuals with various home/family arrangements.

The DIU consciously adopts a strengths-based style of management and personal development. We strive to understand people's motivations and strengths and orient their roles to play to these. This applies to their immediate role and as part of their ongoing career development into future roles.

Schroders offers exceptional benefits, including excellent pension and flexible benefits worth roughly 25% of base salary in total. In addition all team members benefit from Schroders' bonus scheme. In this, bonus is shared out across the DIU team with far more weight on team performance than individual performance - we all succeed as a team, and so we share in the rewards as a team. Further details can be given on request.

Schroders is an equal opportunities employer and welcomes applications regardless of sex, marital status, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, religious belief or age.

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