Software / Web Developer

30 Apr 2021
28 May 2021
Contract Type
Full Time
Software / Web Developer - Junior to Senior
GBPExcellent dependent on experience
"Choose your environment, choose your editor, choose to sit or stand, choose to Work from Home (sometimes)... CHOOSE LIFE" -- (thanks Trainspotting).
Are you an experienced or aspiring Developer looking for an environment that will allow you to develop and shine? Are you enthusiastic with a team mentality looking for a company where your input and ideas are recognised and rewarded? If so, read on???.
Our client is looking for Developers with passion. They feel this is more important than any specific technical experience although their favoured platform is Lavarel. They run a mixture of Mac and PC, some use Sublime, some Visual Studio, PHPStorm and more. The important thing is consistency in code, commenting and quality - what you use to do it is up to you! Full Stack and PHP experience would definitely be helpful, but a programming background is what is most important.
They don't have a specific shopping list of requirements. In their experience, most developers are either self-taught or very good at reading an API. These are the key skills they look for.
Long story short, they need someone to help with the daily workload. That might be someone junior who can easily deal with Shopify and wants to grow and learn, getting involved in custom Laravel projects. Alternatively, it might be someone middleweight and experienced in Laravel who doesn't mind doing some Shopify or Wordpress from time to time. Background is very flexible. The right person will reveal themselves and personality, attitude and soft skills go a long way.
Salary is dependent on experience and role but pay is good and good work is rewarded well. The job is office based in centatal Lincoln although occasional WFH / remote is available once trained and integrated into the team.
If you are a Graduate or Junior Developer, this is a great opportunity. If you are already an experienced Software Developer or Senior Web Developer you will enjoy an exceptional environment in which to work and develop your skills