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 However, their reaction to constant change has been to seek out the best ways of meeting the new needs of those who are most vulnerable.

We are prophetic

Our services have changed and developed constantly, and the Trustees have not been afraid to become involved in work that some might consider challenges popular opinion. The value and dignity of people with dementia, profound disabilities, asylum seekers, refugees, homeless people and women involved in the criminal justice system is not universally recognised, but Christ’s command to love is not limited by popular opinion or prejudice.

Through all this change our mission has become enriched.

We continue to work with children and families through our Family Support service in schools, our Fostering services, and our support to adoptees and their families.

We have substantial services for older people, especially those who have dementia and for adults who have profound disabilities; providing residential, day care and community services.

Asylum seekers and refugees, women involved in the criminal justice system, young people at risk in the community; all of these receive the benefit of a professional and very caring service.

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