At the same time, and with your support, we will seek to foster in them an awareness of their role and responsibilities within the family of Clayesmore. When he or she joins the School, your child will benefit from a genuine family education with a seamless transition between Prep and Senior Schools;

Throughout your son’s or daughter’s time at Clayesmore we will strive to:

  • give your child the highest possible standards of pastoral care;
  • encourage your child to develop a love of learning;
  • ensure s/he will have access to a modern curriculum, designed to meet the challenges beyond school, at university and at work;
  • give your child the opportunity to develop their sporting interests and to understand the value of teamwork;
  • enable them to learn about the culture of Dorset, England and Great Britain, about wider European culture, and about the world;
  • ensure your child can thrive and flourish where the warmth of the relationship between staff and pupils engenders growth and security;
  • encourage in your child a full awareness of the moral issues and responsibilities that surround them at school, as members of a community, and in the world at large;
  • make sure they are aware of the needs of others, setting these above personal needs;
  • encourage your child to develop and strengthen their understanding of the Christian faith, to develop their sense of spirituality, and to have understanding of those who do not share their religious views and who may be of other faiths;
  • enable your child to experience excellence in whatever part of their lives this may be possible – academically, culturally, in sport, in friendship, morally and socially and in personal comportment;
  • enable your child to show responsibility for others, both through positions of leadership and through contributing to the community in other ways;
  • do all we reasonably can to encourage your child to fulfil their potential to reach beyond their own expectations and their wildest dreams.