Ibstock Community College

About Ibstock Community College

Together to learn through

Ambition - We aim high and take on new challenges. We stretch ourselves and others to achieve ambitious goals. We work hard to be the best we can be so that we are ready for the future. We use our opportunities well.

Listening - We listen to each other. We tell one another what we are doing well. We give and accept honest feedback and seek the help and guidance of others. We communicate and share ideas with one another. 

Reflection - We reflect on what we have learnt. We know our strengths and where we need to improve. We act on what we learn and on what others tell us. We adapt as circumstances change. We share experiences, ideas, successes and mistakes. We see the big picture.

Together to grow through

Responsibility - We take responsibility for our learning , our development, how we behave and the choices we make. We develop and encourage responsibility with our community and deal with problems together. We develop independence. We help to manage and lead. 

Openness - We are open to new ideas. We have the will, confidence and courage to try new ideas. We take measured risks and learn from our mistakes an successes. We ask questions. We are honest with ourselves and others. 

Nurturing - We play an active role i making the community a better place for learning and growing. We work together to do what is right for everyone to have a better future. We build positive relationships. We coach and mentor one another and let other coach and mentor us. We work openly through any differences. We create a safe, stimulating and friendly environment where we an all develop and thrive. 

Together we are

Caring - we care about everyone in our community. We praise, encourage, help and support one another. We share ideas and problems. We model positive behaviour  and values. We enable others to learn and to succeed.

Supportive - We support and look after ourselves, others and our environment. We accept that others are different and show tolerance and understanding. We are patient and treat everyone fairly

One team - We have the same aims. We all work together as a team. We learn, enjoy and compete together. We are consistent, We value one another and the different parts we each play. We are proud of our college and of our part in it. We care about our communities and our partner schools. We celebrate success. We inspire one another. We preserve.

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