Berkhamsted School

About Berkhamsted School

In 1888 the foundation was extended by the establishment of Berkhamsted School for Girls.

In 1996, these two schools and Berkhamsted Preparatory School (formed from Berkhamsted Preparatory School for Boys, which was linked to Berkhamsted School and The Beeches Girls’ Junior School, part of Berkhamsted School for Girls) formalised their partnership, under the name Berkhamsted Collegiate School, offering the highest quality education to pupils from ages three to 19.

The co-educational Berkhamsted Preparatory School opened on its current site in Kings Road in 1998.

In December 2008, the School’s name reverted to Berkhamsted School to reflect its historical roots.

In 2011, Berkhamsted School merged with Heatherton House School, a preparatory school for girls aged three to 11 in Amersham, to form the Berkhamsted Schools Group, and in May 2012, the Group acquired Haresfoot School, which will become Berkhamsted Pre-Preparatory School for children aged three to seven. The existing Preparatory School will focus on the education of children from the ages of seven to 11.

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