Haulage Services Ltd*

About Haulage Services Ltd*

It keeps our cars fuelled and provides aggregates to concrete-producing companies.  It delivers flour to bakers, gas to our homes and agricultural produce such as grains and food oils to merchants. It carries the polymers that are used in the production of bottles and plastic drums, car parts, food packaging, furniture, toys, CDs and laminates for flooring  - the list is endless. 

Our Haulage Services division operates at the heart of bulk transportation.  It is, arguably, our most highly specialised division.  Operating from our depots in Ballyclare, Belfast, Dublin, Liverpool, Preston, our dedicated tanker fleet is driven by highly trained employees who operate at the peak of their profession.  They are immersed in a culture that is process-driven and where safety is paramount. Our commitment to quality is demonstrated by the fact that we employ our own in-house, full time Driver & Quality Assessors, delivering customer-specific training.

2 jobs with Haulage Services Ltd*