Linc-Cymru Housing Association Ltd

About Linc-Cymru Housing Association Ltd

We are a socially responsible business and all profits are reinvested for the benefit of our customers rather than being distributed to shareholders.

Linc's Values

An organisation’s values say a great deal about a company’s mind set, the way it thinks, the direction it is going, what drives it and whether it is an organisation that values people. We are very clear on our values:

We are focused on ensuring that the services we provide to our customers are directed at meeting their needs and represent value for money.

We have a positive, ‘can do’ attitude in all that we do that enhances our reputation as a leading provider of housing, health and social care services across Wales.

Our approach is innovative and forward looking, consistently seeking new opportunities and ways of working in partnership with others to evolve and enhance our services.

11 jobs with Linc-Cymru Housing Association Ltd