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About Recruitment Genius

We chose recruitment as our career. Having been in it since 1994, we’re mindful of the massive change that is going on around us and how the internet has altered the way people think and behave and this is no different in recruitment.

At Recruitment Genius we have created a way of recruiting people that keeps all the good things that we’ve learnt from past experience, for example the need for a personal touch, honesty and simplicity. To this we’ve added all the great things that the internet and technology can bring such as speed, efficiency and above all incredible cost savings.

This hasn’t been easy and as we found faster and more efficient ways of finding great people we’ve inevitably upset a few of our competitors along the way.

In 2009 we realised we had smashed our own recruitment agency model, but in its place was something far more exciting and effective. Recruitment Genius was born.

By combining unique technologies with a deep understanding of what it's like to be an employer looking for a new member of staff, or a job seeker looking for the next career move, Recruitment Genius embodies everything we believe is right about recruitment.

Recruitment Genius is now working to fill over 195 new jobs every day for companies including the likes of Tesco, Shell and Ford as well as thousands of other growing businesses - recruiting everyone from board director level to the shopfloor. This gives us the satisfaction that we are making a real difference to how people recruit and find work.

We are passionate about getting as many employers and employees together as possible in a way that is focused on building great businesses. Welcome to the Recruitment Genius.

475 jobs with Recruitment Genius