Younger Jobseekers

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  • Apprenticeships are a great way to get into the career of your choice and start earning straightaway, even when you don't have any experience. We decided to research some of the coolest apprenticeships out there.
  • Wondering whether an apprenticeship is right for you? In this article, we cover the key benefits of doing an apprenticeship, from on-the-job training and a salary, to paid holiday and student discounts!
  • Keen to gain experience and pursue their desired line of work, many jobseekers accept poor treatment and pay, but are unpaid jobs and internships actually legal? We asked a law firm about your experiences.
  • Whether you have almost finished studying for your MBA or are just deciding whether it's the right path for you, employability is likely playing on your mind. Find out about the top 5 jobs you could land with in MBA in this article.
  • In this guest post, Skills for Care offers a compelling case for school and college leavers to take on an apprenticeship in social care. Here's why an apprenticeship might be right for you.
  • Not only does work experience boost your CV, it’s also crucial to understanding whether a certain career is suited to you. Here are 5 things you should know before completing work experience .
  • As with everything else in life, preparation is key in order to make a smooth transition into the world of work. Here are our expert tips for students and graduates entering the world of work.
  • Apprenticeships are a fantastic way to receive on-the-job training while getting paid for your work. Here's our top tips on how to make the most of your apprenticeship.
  • Unfortunately, many job seekers still fall victim to discrimination in their search for new employment. Here's our advice on how to avoid discrimination in your job search.
  • In this guest post we hear about how the Spear Programme could help you get into work if you are a young person with no experience.
  • The personal statement on your CV is an invaluable chance to show off your strengths and achievements. In this article we provide personal statement examples and tips for various job searches.
  • Producing your first professional CV can seem like a daunting, or even an impossible, task. Have no fear - the Fish4jobs CV template for school leavers and younger jobseekers is here to help.
  • Here's Rate My Apprenticeship's Top 70 Apprenticeship Employers for 2017. Based on over 3,300 peer-to-peer reviews, the list contains Unilever, Siemens & more.
  • Although it may be disappointing at first, getting a 2.2 at university is still a great achievement of which you should be proud. So, what's next? Here's what to do if you get a 2.2.
  • To celebrate Scottish Apprenticeship Week, we put together this rundown of five of the key benefits of being a modern apprentice. If you're considering apprenticeships, this article might just convince you to get applying!