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  • New Year, New You: The 5 Top Industries on Fish4

    • 31 Jan 2023
    • Evie Courtier

    Fish4 brings you the top 5 industries for 2023 - ideal for new job seekers, or those seeking a career change. Discover the latest hospitality jobs, catering jobs and healthcare jobs.

  • How to Become a Mechanical Engineer

    • 1 Mar 2021

    Ever wondered what it takes to become a Mechanical Engineer? In this article, we look at the role, responsibilities and requirements in detail, and explain how to become a Mechanical Engineer - even if you don't have a degree.

  • Excel Tricks That Will Impress Your Boss

    • 1 Mar 2021

    If you're looking to up your spreadsheet game and impress your boss at the same time, these nifty Excel tricks from our friends at STL are sure to come in handy.

  • How to Become an Engineer

    • 1 Mar 2021

    If you are analytical and good at solving problems with an interest in science, technology and mathematics, an engineering career could be for you. Find out how to become an engineer and the different types of roles in our career guide.

  • Why an Apprenticeship Might Be Right for You

    • 24 Feb 2021

    In this guest post, Skills for Care offers a compelling case for school and college leavers to take on an apprenticeship in social care. Here's why an apprenticeship might be right for you.

  • So you want to be an Electrical Engineering Technician?

    • 9 Nov 2020
    • Alistair Blair of RecOnsider

    What's the difference between an Electrician and an Electrical Engineering Technician? RecOnsider's Alistair Blair explains in this guest post.

  • Graduate Web Developer CV Template

    • 27 Oct 2020

    Are you a recent graduate looking to get into the world of web development? Boost your chance of job application success with the Fish4jobs graduate web developer CV template.

  • Customer Service Cover Letter Template

    • 22 Jan 2018

    A well-written cover letter can be the key to landing your next job in customer service. Check out our customer service cover letter template today and start your job search with Fish4jobs.

  • Sales Assistant Personal Statement

    • 26 Jun 2017

    The personal statement on your CV will be key in successfully landing a new Sales Assistant job. Our guide on how to write a Sales Assistant personal statement can help you get started.

  • Nursing CV Template

    • 24 Jun 2017

    In order to land an interview for your next nursing role, you will need to craft a CV that presents your most important experiences and achievements. Get started today with our Nursing CV template.

  • Software Developer CV Template

    • 23 Jun 2017

    Jobs in IT can be highly competitive, especially those for Software Developers. Put your best foot forward and land an interview by using the Fish4jobs Software Developer CV template.

  • Video: So You Want to Be a Nurse?

    • 14 Jun 2017

    Are you thinking of a career in nursing? Check out our video about the realities of becoming a nurse to find out more about the role, requirements and responsibilities.

  • Sales Assistant Cover Letter Template

    • 11 Apr 2017

    A great cover letter can make all the difference between getting an interview and being overlooked when it comes to Sales Assistant jobs. Make sure yours is up to scratch with our Sales Assistant cover letter template.

  • How to Write a Customer Service Personal Statement

    • 23 Mar 2017

    A strong personal statement which demonstrates your key skills and achievements in customer service is vital for securing a new job. Find out how to write a Customer Service personal statement today with Fish4jobs.

  • Midwifery Personal Statement | Advice & Template

    • 10 Feb 2017

    You've found your dream Midwife role, but are stuck for an opening on your CV. In this guide, we show you what to include and how to write your midwifery personal statement.

  • Nursing Personal Statement

    • 10 Feb 2017

    Wondering what to write in the personal statement of your nursing CV? Check out the Fish4jobs guide for tips, tricks and a template for writing your nursing personal statement.

  • Kick Start your career in Social Care Today!

    • 12 Jan 2017

    The adult social care sector currently employs 1.5 million people, and by 2030, Skills for Care estimate that another 500,000 jobs and people could be needed in the sector to meet England’s growing social care demands.

  • Catering Assistant Cover Letter Template

    • 22 Nov 2016

    Need a hand crafting a cover letter for the Catering Assistant jobs you're applying for? Fish4jobs is here to help with our Catering Assistant cover letter template and examples.

  • Customer Service Assistant Cover Letter Template

    • 7 Nov 2016

    Use the Fish4jobs customer service assistant cover letter template today to ensure that your CV grabs the attention of recruiters and hiring managers.

  • Call Centre Cover Letter Template

    • 2 Nov 2016

    Are you on the hunt for call centre jobs? To give yourself the best chance of landing an interview, you will need a cover letter that succinctly demonstrates that you are the perfect candidate. Get started with our call centre cover letter template.