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  • 6 Things You Should Never Say in an Interview

    • 3 Jan 2017

    Slipping up and saying the wrong thing in an interview is an all too easy mistake to make. To help you out, here are 6 things you should never say in an interview.

  • Questions to ask in an interview

    • 24 Aug 2016

    When you hear the ill-fated words, “do you have any questions?” make sure you’re prepared

  • 4 Common Types of Interview Questions

    • 23 Aug 2016

    Interviews can seem daunting, but preparation is the key to conquering nerves.

  • Job Search Checklist

    • 23 Apr 2016

    Do you have everything you need for a successful job hunt? Make sure you haven't forgotten anything with the Fish4jobs job search checklist!

  • Second Interview: What to Expect

    • 14 Apr 2016

    Congratulations! You’ve been asked to attend a second interview and you’re one step closer to landing that dream job.

  • How to Answer Competency-Based Interview Questions

    • 18 Dec 2015

    The great thing about competency-based interview questions is that many can be anticipated, allowing you plenty of time to plan answers in advance. Here are some vital dos and don’ts.

  • What should you ask at your interview

    • 18 Dec 2015

    You’ve done it. You’ve got to the end of your interview and successfully answered every question.

  • 7 Interview Mistakes

    • 8 Dec 2015

    Everyone wants to make the best impression possible at a job interview - read on to find out how.

  • Prepare for your Interview

    • 8 Dec 2015

    So the interview hot seat awaits. Every job interview will be different, but regardless of the position you’re going for, the preparation is the same.

  • 5 Job Interview Questions You'll Hear the Most

    • 7 Dec 2015

    You never know exactly which questions you will be asked at interview, but you can give it a pretty good guess. Here are 5 job interview questions you'll hear the most.

  • How to Answer Tough Interview Questions

    • 5 Mar 2015

    You’ve made it to the interview stage of the application process, but the struggle’s not over yet! Sooner or later you’ll have to confront the tough interview questions that are bound to pop up. Here's how to answer them.

  • How to Answer an Inappropriate Interview Question

    • 5 Mar 2015

    Any interview questions that err towards your age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or race, are an absolute no-go area. Here, we explore how to answer - or not answer - inappropriate interview questions.

  • How to Answer Quirky Interview Questions

    • 3 Mar 2015

    Sometimes, during an interview, the hiring manager will throw out an unusual question. Don't let these curve balls panic you! Here's how to answer quirky interview questions.

  • Questions you should not ask at an interview

    • 11 Feb 2015

    Interviews can sometimes feel like awkward first dates. You go in hoping to impress, while being extremely weary of saying or doing the wrong thing.

  • 5 Common Interview Questions

    • 17 Dec 2014

    The same interview questions pop up time and again, so take the opportunity to rev up your responses before the big day.

  • 5 Questions you may find difficult to answer

    • 26 Nov 2014

    Below are some questions you might encounter during the interview process. While they can be awkward or intimidating, they actually pose a fantastic opportunity for you to assuage any doubts or preconceptions the employer might have about you.

  • Customer Service Interview Prep Sheet

    • 26 Nov 2014

    Being prepared for your next customer service interview will be key to your success. In this article, we take a look at what your potential employer will be looking for evidence of.

  • Younger Jobseekers: Interview Questions

    • 20 Jul 2014

    You’ve impressed them on paper and now it’s time to deliver the goods in person. The same interview questions pop up time and again, so take the opportunity to rev up your responses before the big day.

  • Younger Jobseekers - Common interview mistakes

    • 18 Jul 2014

    Most interviews give you only 3 minutes to seal the deal – and this is one time it pays to sweat the small stuff. It’s your big chance to impress and the little details, from clothing to eye contact, really do matter. Get the inside track on avoiding the most common interview mistakes.

  • Younger Jobseekers: Promoting yourself to a prospective employer

    • 17 Jul 2014

    Landing a job can be a long, tough road – from catching their eye with your cover letterto finally dazzling them on interview day. But every step is a golden opportunity to show off your best bits.