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  • How to Answer Tricky Interview Questions

    • 23 Dec 2022
    • Evie Courtier

    Interview questions and answers: our latest interview tips on how to answer tricky and common questions

  • The Fish4jobs Ultimate Jobseekers Guide

    • 16 Sep 2021
    • Ethan Cumming

    Enhance your job search and boost your employability with the Fish4jobs Ultimate Jobseekers Guide, available to download for free today.

  • 4 Questions You Should Ask at Every Interview

    • 3 Mar 2021

    If you don't have any questions prepared to ask at the end of an interview, you are unlikely to get the job. Fortunately for you, this guest post from Inspiring Interns details 4 questions you should ask at every interview.

  • What to Do If You're Late for an Interview

    • 3 Mar 2021

    Being late for an interview is one of life's nightmare situations, and in the moment it can be hard to know the right course of action. Here's what to do if you're late for an interview.

  • How to Handle a Job Rejection

    • 3 Mar 2021

    There will come a time in life when you get rejected for a job. Although it can be a struggle to deal with feelings of rejection, there are several ways to stay motivated and continue your job search.

  • How to Prepare for an Interview

    • 2 Mar 2021

    When preparing for an interview there are a few key things to keep in mind. Here is our advice on job interview preparation, techniques, what to wear and how to answer tricky questions.

  • 5 Questions You Could Be Asked at a Phone Interview

    • 2 Mar 2021

    Phone interviews have become a common way for employers to screen candidates before inviting them to a Zoom or face-to-face interview. But how should you prepare? Here's 5 questions you could be asked at a phone interview.

  • Post-Redundancy CV & Interview Preparation

    • 2 Mar 2021

    If you are job hunting for the first time since being made redundant, it's a good idea to make sure your CV and interview technique are up to date. Check out our guide on redundancy CV & interview preparation.

  • Should You Send a Post-Interview Thank You Letter?

    • 2 Mar 2021

    Sending a post-interview thank you letter used to be standard practice, but in the age of email and online applications, is it still necessary? Here's our advice if you are unsure about post-interview etiquette.

  • How to Deal With Quirky Interview Questions

    • 2 Mar 2021

    No matter how well prepared you are for an interview, sometimes you will be asked a quirky curveball of a question. Here's some of the most common quirky interview questions and how to deal with them.

  • How to Cancel a Job Interview

    • 1 Mar 2021

    Whether you've landed a new role, fallen ill or just decided this is not the job for you, there are plenty of legitimate reasons for cancelling a job interview. Here's how to do it in professional and appropriate way.

  • 5 Things You Should Bring to a Job Interview

    • 1 Mar 2021

    You've prepared winning answers to a variety of questions and picked out your best clothes. All ready for the interview, right? Not quite - here's 5 things you need to remember to bring to your job interview.

  • A Guide to Competency Based Interview Questions

    • 24 Feb 2021

    Do you have a competency based interview coming up? Our guide to competency based interview questions can help you to prepare for this all-important stage in the hiring process.

  • How Keen is Too Keen When Job Hunting?

    • 24 Feb 2021

    A successful job hunt involves standing out from the crowd, but how keen is too keen when it comes to applying and interviewing for jobs? Here's where you could be overstepping the mark.

  • Video: Tough Interview Questions & How to Answer Them

    • 24 Feb 2021

    We've teamed up with The Daily Mirror’s Careers Editor, Tricia Phillips, to bring you a free webinar that addresses some of the toughest interview questions and how to answer them.

  • 4 Things You Should Change About Your Job Search

    • 9 Feb 2021

    If you are not getting the results you would like from your job search, it might be time to switch things up. Here are 4 things you could change about your job search to get better results.

  • How to Answer Unusual Interview Questions

    • 14 Dec 2020

    Trying to come across as the perfect candidate is no easy feat, especially when your interviewer throws a curveball question at you. Here's our guide on how to answer unusual interview questions.

  • 5 Tips for Getting an Interview with a Busy Employer

    • 14 Dec 2020
    • Shai Aharony

    In this guest post, Reboot Online CEO Shai Aharony offers 5 tips for getting an interview with a busy employer.

  • A Comprehensive Guide to Psychometric and Aptitude Tests

    • 8 Dec 2020

    In this guest post, WikiJob provides a comprehensive guide to psychometric and aptitude tests. If you have one of these tests coming up and aren't sure how to prepare, this is the guide for you.

  • How to Avoid Discrimination in Your Job Search

    • 8 Dec 2020

    Unfortunately, many job seekers still fall victim to discrimination in their search for new employment. Here's our advice on how to avoid discrimination in your job search.