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  • How to Write a CV if You Are a New Graduate

    • 18 Dec 2015

    If you have little to no experience in your preferred job industry, don’t fret. Here’s our top tips on how to write a CV if you are a new graduate entering the world of work.

  • Tips for writing your CV

    • 15 Dec 2015

    Your CV is your job-seeking calling card – so what kind of impression does yours make on potential employers? Cast a critical eye over the all-important document and ask yourself if it really shows you in your best light.

  • What should I leave off my CV?

    • 8 Dec 2015

    Sometimes less is more – and that’s absolutely the case when it comes to your CV.

  • Prepare for your Interview

    • 8 Dec 2015

    So the interview hot seat awaits. Every job interview will be different, but regardless of the position you’re going for, the preparation is the same.

  • Administrative Assistant CV Template

    • 3 Dec 2015

    When it comes to applying for Administrative Assistant jobs, the competition can be tough. With our Administrative Assistant CV template, you can be one step ahead of the competition.

  • Warehouse Operative CV Template

    • 2 Dec 2015

    Applications to warehouse operative jobs require a strong, presentable CV that demonstrates your ability to do the job. Get started today with our Warehouse Operative CV template.

  • Sales Executive CV Template

    • 26 Nov 2015

    Whether you want a job in B2B sales or B2C, you will need a strong CV which demonstrates your key experience and achievements. Get started with our Sales Executive CV template.

  • Construction Worker CV Template

    • 24 Nov 2015

    The construction sector is broad and varied, so you will need a CV that reflects the specialist areas in which you have skills and experience. Check out our Construction Worker CV template to get started.

  • Web Developer CV Template

    • 17 Nov 2015

    If you are looking to land an interview for a web development job, you will need a CV which presents your relevant skills and experience in the best possible light. Check out our Web Developer CV template to get started.

  • How to Format a CV

    • 13 Nov 2015

    As great a candidate as you might be, if the formatting of your CV is all wrong, you’ll most likely select yourself out of the job pool. Here's our advice on how to format a CV.

  • IT Support CV Template

    • 12 Nov 2015

    Are you looking for a job in IT Support? To stand out from the crowd, you will need an expertly crafted CV that shows off your skills and knowledge. Get started today with the Fish4jobs IT Support CV template.

  • Social Worker CV Template

    • 11 Nov 2015

    If you are not having any luck landing interviews for the Social Worker jobs that you are applying for, it may be time to revisit your CV. Check out our Social Worker CV template for examples and tips.

  • Support Worker CV Template

    • 11 Nov 2015

    Before you start applying for Support Worker jobs, have you checked to see if your CV presents you and your experience in the best way? Check out our Support Worker CV template for examples and tips.

  • Dental Nurse CV Template

    • 10 Nov 2015

    If you are a Dental Nurse on the lookout for new job opportunities, we strongly recommend making sure your CV is up to date. Nurse your CV back to health with our Dental Nurse CV template.

  • Care Assistant CV Template

    • 10 Nov 2015

    The first step to landing a new job in health and social care is to make sure your CV is up to scratch. Show your CV a little care with our Care Assistant CV template.

  • Signs your dream job is actually a scam

    • 23 Sep 2015

    Unfortunately, some jobs are too good to be true. We’re sure you’ve seen those job adverts that promise to pay a whole lot for very little work. We hate to break it to you, but more often than not, these jobs are scams.

  • How Long Do You Spend on a Job Application?

    • 20 Aug 2015

    A new study suggests 20% of people spend less than 10 minutes on each job application they make. Here, RecOnsider dig further into the data and make some surprising discoveries.

  • How to Upload Your CV to the Cloud

    • 29 Jul 2015

    Uploading your CV to the cloud means that it will be available anywhere, anytime when you spot a job that you want to apply for. Check out our video guide on how to upload your CV to the cloud.