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  • Recruitment Consultant Cover Letter Template

    • 25 Oct 2016

    Are you on the hunt for Recruitment Consultant jobs? Get your application documents up to scratch with our Recruitment Consultant cover letter template.

  • 5 Tips for When You Become Unemployed

    • 4 Aug 2016

    Becoming unemployed is never fun, but it also doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Here are our top five tips to get you back on your feet in no time.

  • CV Tips for When You Have a 2.2 Degree

    • 16 Jun 2016

    We’ve already established that a 2.2 degree isn’t the end of the world, but what's the best way to present your achievements to employers? Here's our CV tips for when you have a 2.2 degree.

  • What to Include in Your Hospitality CV

    • 27 May 2016

    When it comes to applying for hospitality jobs, it's essential to tailor your CV to the industry and highlight all your most relevant experience and achievements. Here's what to include in your hospitality CV.

  • Job Search Checklist

    • 23 Apr 2016

    Do you have everything you need for a successful job hunt? Make sure you haven't forgotten anything with the Fish4jobs job search checklist!

  • How to Produce an Interview Winning CV

    • 5 Mar 2016

    Producing a professional and succinct CV that details all your key skills, achievements and experience is key for winning interviews. Find out how to produce an interview winning CV today.

  • Project Manager CV Template

    • 29 Feb 2016

    An expertly crafted CV is an essential tool in the arsenal of any Project Manager. Find out how to write yours with the Fish4jobs Project Manager CV template.

  • Architect CV Template

    • 29 Feb 2016

    Before starting your search for Architect jobs, stop and think about the last time you updated your CV. If it's been a while, check out our Architect CV template for examples, tips and more.

  • Legal Assistant CV Template

    • 26 Feb 2016

    If you are about to start searching for a new role as a Legal Assistant, you need to make sure your CV is in top condition. Check out our Legal Assistant CV Template to get started.

  • Creative Director CV Template

    • 26 Feb 2016

    Before you start hunting for your next Creative Director role on Fish4jobs, we recommend giving your CV a polish. Check out our Creative Director CV template for tips, examples and more.

  • Finance Manager CV Template

    • 26 Feb 2016

    Competition for Finance Manager jobs can be very tough, so you will need an expertly crafted CV that shows off all your relevant skills and achievements. Find out how with our Finance Manager CV template.

  • Accountant CV Template

    • 25 Feb 2016

    Before you begin searching for your next role in accountancy, we recommend making sure that your CV is in top condition. Fix up yours with the Fish4jobs Accountant CV template.

  • Call Centre Operative CV Template

    • 24 Feb 2016

    Before embarking on your search for Call Centre Operative jobs, you will need to make sure your CV is up to date and up to scratch. Use our Call Centre Operative CV template today to get started.

  • Business Analyst CV Template

    • 24 Feb 2016

    Before embarking on your search for Business Analyst jobs, you need to make sure your CV is in top condition. Find out how to present yourself in the best possible way with our Business Analyst CV template.

  • Customer Service Advisor CV Template

    • 24 Feb 2016

    To correctly demonstrate all your skills, experience and achievements within customer service, you will need a well-crafted CV. Check out our Customer Service Advisor CV template to get started.

  • Account Manager CV Template

    • 24 Feb 2016

    The world of account management can be highly competitive, meaning that a first-rate CV is essential for landing interviews. Check out the Fish4jobs Account Manager CV template to get started.

  • Travel Agent CV Template

    • 22 Feb 2016

    If you want to apply for new Travel Agent jobs, you will need a professionally presented CV which details your key achievements and experience in the sector. Find out how with our Travel Agent CV template.

  • Graphic Designer CV Template

    • 12 Feb 2016

    Whether you are a freelance Graphic Designer, working in an agency or employed in-house, you need a CV that demonstrates your key skills and experience. Find out how with our Graphic Designer CV template.

  • Structural Engineer CV Template

    • 4 Feb 2016

    Before you begin applying for Structural Engineer roles on Fish4jobs, we recommend checking out our Structural Engineer CV template to make sure your applications are as impressive and engaging as possible.

  • Industrial Engineer CV Template

    • 4 Feb 2016

    If you are on the hunt for a a new job in industrial engineering, why not get your CV in top condition before sending out those applications? Get started today with our Industrial Engineer CV template.