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  • Teaching Personal Statement

    • 29 Mar 2017

    When applying for teaching jobs, you will need an expertly crafted personal statement at the top of your CV to demonstrate your key skills and experience. Find out how with our teaching personal statement guide.

  • If your job search isn't working, here's why.

    • 27 Mar 2017

    A job search can be a long, tough and turbulent process. It takes a lot of research, time and determination to navigate the job market these days.

  • Marketing Personal Statement

    • 27 Mar 2017

    Your marketing CV won't be complete without a succinct personal statement that demonstrates your key experiences and achievements. Find out how to write a marketing personal statement today with Fish4jobs.

  • Teaching Assistant Personal Statement

    • 27 Mar 2017

    A successful Teaching Assistant CV will require a well-crafted personal statement that highlights your key experience and achievements to date. Find out how to write a Teaching Assistant personal statement today.

  • Short Notice Resignation Letter Template & Example

    • 24 Mar 2017

    When it comes to handing in your resignation, there's a right and a wrong way to go about it. If you're resigning at short notice, you need to be even more careful and professional. Here's a short notice resignation letter template to help you get started.

  • How to Write a Customer Service Personal Statement

    • 23 Mar 2017

    A strong personal statement which demonstrates your key skills and achievements in customer service is vital for securing a new job. Find out how to write a Customer Service personal statement today with Fish4jobs.

  • Retail Manager CV Template

    • 25 Feb 2017

    If you're looking to step up to a management role in retail, you should make sure your CV is in top condition before sending out applications. Use our Retail Manager CV template to get started.

  • Midwifery Personal Statement | Advice & Template

    • 10 Feb 2017

    You've found your dream Midwife role, but are stuck for an opening on your CV. In this guide, we show you what to include and how to write your midwifery personal statement.

  • Nursing Personal Statement

    • 10 Feb 2017

    Wondering what to write in the personal statement of your nursing CV? Check out the Fish4jobs guide for tips, tricks and a template for writing your nursing personal statement.

  • Project Manager Personal Statement

    • 10 Feb 2017

    Jobs in project management can be highly competitive, meaning that to be successful you will need an engaging personal statement on your CV. Here's our guide on how to write a Project Manager personal statement.

  • Administrative Assistant Personal Statement

    • 10 Feb 2017

    The personal statement on your CV is perfect for demonstrating why you are the perfect candidate for the job. Get yours in shape with our Administrative Assistant Personal Statement template & example.

  • Accounting Personal Statement

    • 10 Feb 2017

    The personal statement on your CV should demonstrate your key achievements and experiences within accountancy. Put your best foot forward with the Fish4jobs accounting personal statement template.

  • The 5 Most Common CV Lies

    • 7 Feb 2017

    If you lie on your CV, there's a good chance you're going to get caught out. Our advice? Don't do it. In this article, we take a look at the most common lies people tell on their CVs.

  • 5 Easy Steps to Clean Up Your CV

    • 31 Jan 2017

    If you're applying for jobs but not getting any response from employers, it might be time to give your CV a tidy. Here's 5 east steps to clean up your CV.

  • CV Clichés Employers Are Tired Of Reading

    • 4 Jan 2017

    Writing your CV can sometimes feel like a minefield full of dangerous obstacles to trip you up. We explore how to navigate that.

  • Life after Redundancy in 5 steps

    • 9 Dec 2016

    There’s no doubt about it – redundancy comes as a shock. But it’s important to remember there is life after redundancy.

  • Generic CV Template

    • 2 Dec 2016

    Are you looking for a CV template? Fish4jobs is here to help! Check out our generic CV template and examples to make sure your job applications are as effective as possible.