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  • Administrator Job Description

    • 9 Mar 2023
    • Evie Courtier

    In this Administrator job description article, we look at the responsibilities, requirements, and rewards of the role, while answering questions like “What does an Administrator do?”

  • Transferable Skills: How to Secure a New Job

    • 13 Oct 2022
    • Evie Courtier

    An overview of the key transferable skills employers look for, to help you secure a new job role

  • How to Resign From Your Job

    • 4 Mar 2022
    • Joshua Boynton

    Everyone resigns from a job eventually. Learn everything you need to know to resign with a minimum of fuss.

  • How to Handle a Job Rejection

    • 3 Mar 2021

    There will come a time in life when you get rejected for a job. Although it can be a struggle to deal with feelings of rejection, there are several ways to stay motivated and continue your job search.

  • Changing Careers? 5 Tips on Where to Start

    • 2 Mar 2021

    The prospect of changing careers can seem scary, but it's far more common than you might think. Before you decide to switch your career path, check out our top five tips on where to start.

  • Post-Redundancy CV & Interview Preparation

    • 2 Mar 2021

    If you are job hunting for the first time since being made redundant, it's a good idea to make sure your CV and interview technique are up to date. Check out our guide on redundancy CV & interview preparation.

  • The Benefits of Doing an Apprenticeship

    • 2 Mar 2021

    Wondering whether an apprenticeship is right for you? In this article, we cover the key benefits of doing an apprenticeship, from on-the-job training and a salary, to paid holiday and student discounts!

  • Why You Should Check Your Credit Report Before Applying for a Job

    • 1 Mar 2021

    Everyone knows to get their CV, cover letter and social media profiles in top condition before applying for jobs, but have you ever considered that employers might look at your credit score? Here's why you should check your credit report before applying for a job.

  • How Keen is Too Keen When Job Hunting?

    • 24 Feb 2021

    A successful job hunt involves standing out from the crowd, but how keen is too keen when it comes to applying and interviewing for jobs? Here's where you could be overstepping the mark.

  • Find your local Jobcentre Plus on Twitter

    • 19 Jan 2021

    The Jobcentre's job-related Twitter feeds are locally focused and cover the entire country. Find your local account in this article and start your job search today.

  • 5 Things NOT to Do When You Resign

    • 8 Jan 2021

    When it comes to quitting your job, there's a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it. To ensure you have a smooth and gracious exit, here are 5 things we recommend not to do when you resign.

  • How to Job Hunt After a Career Break

    • 8 Jan 2021

    There are plenty of legitimate reasons for a career break on your CV. Here's our advice for having a successful job hunt after you've taken some time off work.

  • How can the Jobcentre Plus help you in 2021?

    • 7 Jan 2021
    • Jobcentre Plus

    The Jobcentre Plus is more motivated than ever to help as many people as possible to find work. In this guest post, the Jobcentre shares some of the ways they can help you find employment in 2021.

  • Retraining as a Graphic Designer

    • 8 Dec 2020

    Janine Meldrum always knew she wanted a creative career and started out as a journalist before retraining. In this interview, she tells us how a job switch led her to a freelance career in graphic design.

  • The Red Flags Telling You to Leave Your Job

    • 30 Nov 2020

    When is the right time to start looking for a new job? If you're experiencing any of these red flag issues, it might be time to start applying elsewhere.

  • 6 Things to Consider Before Accepting a Job Offer

    • 23 Nov 2020

    Before you charge head on into a new role, it's important to really think about the offer. Here are 6 of the most important things to consider before accepting a job offer.

  • Why I swapped the beauty industry for a career as a Funeral Director

    • 17 Nov 2020

    After studying beauty at college Raegan Drew realised she didn't want to pursue a career in the sector. In this interview, Raegan tells us about her day-to-day life as a Funeral Director.

  • How to Improve Your Job Hunt

    • 3 Nov 2020

    If you’re not having the success you’d like with your job hunt, it’s probably time to try some new tactics. Find out how to improve your job hunt in this article.

  • How to Repurpose Your CV for a New Sector

    • 27 Oct 2020

    With rising candidate availability making for a highly competitive job market, we offer this handy guide on how to repurpose your CV for a new sector.

  • How to get a job during a pandemic

    • 16 Oct 2020
    • Ethan Cumming

    Despite the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and the regional reintroduction of various restrictions, organisations across the UK are still hiring. Here's our advice on how to get a job during this challenging time.