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  • Administrator Job Description

    • 9 Mar 2023
    • Evie Courtier

    In this Administrator job description article, we look at the responsibilities, requirements, and rewards of the role, while answering questions like “What does an Administrator do?”

  • The Fish4jobs Ultimate Jobseekers Guide

    • 16 Sep 2021
    • Ethan Cumming

    Enhance your job search and boost your employability with the Fish4jobs Ultimate Jobseekers Guide, available to download for free today.

  • 4 Steps to Becoming an Accountant

    • 2 Mar 2021

    Attempting to build a career within accountancy and finance can seem daunting. In this guest post, InterActive's Oliver Buxton breaks down how to become an Accountant in 4 steps.

  • How to Become an Accountant

    • 2 Mar 2021

    If you have an analytical brain, strong mathematics skills and an interest in commercial performance, a career in accounting could be for you. Here's our guide on how to become an Accountant.

  • How to Become a Marketing Manager

    • 2 Mar 2021

    If you are a creative and organised individual with a passion for team leadership, a career in marketing could be for you. Find out how to become a Marketing Manager with Fish4jobs today.

  • How to Become a Teaching Assistant

    • 2 Mar 2021

    Teaching Assistants are essential educational professionals who provide support to classroom teachers. Find out how to become a Teaching Assistant in our comprehensive career guide.

  • How to Become a Primary School Teacher

    • 2 Mar 2021

    A career as a Primary School Teacher can be highly rewarding for those with exceptional leadership, communication & organisational skills. Find out more in our guide on how to become a Primary School Teacher.

  • How to Become a Mechanical Engineer

    • 1 Mar 2021

    Ever wondered what it takes to become a Mechanical Engineer? In this article, we look at the role, responsibilities and requirements in detail, and explain how to become a Mechanical Engineer - even if you don't have a degree.

  • How to Become an Engineer

    • 1 Mar 2021

    If you are analytical and good at solving problems with an interest in science, technology and mathematics, an engineering career could be for you. Find out how to become an engineer and the different types of roles in our career guide.

  • 5 Things You Should Know Before Completing Work Experience

    • 9 Feb 2021

    Not only does work experience boost your CV, it’s also crucial to understanding whether a certain career is suited to you. Here are 5 things you should know before completing work experience .

  • Why I swapped the beauty industry for a career as a Funeral Director

    • 17 Nov 2020

    After studying beauty at college Raegan Drew realised she didn't want to pursue a career in the sector. In this interview, Raegan tells us about her day-to-day life as a Funeral Director.

  • So you want to be an Electrical Engineering Technician?

    • 9 Nov 2020
    • Alistair Blair of RecOnsider

    What's the difference between an Electrician and an Electrical Engineering Technician? RecOnsider's Alistair Blair explains in this guest post.

  • How to Become a Project Manager

    • 23 Feb 2017

    Ever wondered how to become a Project Manager? In this article, we detail what you'll need to succeed along with key information about the role including responsibilities, salaries and more.

  • Miserable at Work? Our Research Reveals Why

    • 1 Mar 2021

    We revisit a past Fish4jobs survey to understand why people are miserable at work and if there are variations across different professions and cities. Here's what we found out.

  • What is it Like to Be a British Army Officer?

    • 17 Sep 2018

    If you are hungry for life-changing experiences around the world and opportunities to quickly progress, a career in the army is worth considering. Here's what it's like to be an Officer in the British Army.

  • Video: So You Want to Be a Nurse?

    • 14 Jun 2017

    Are you thinking of a career in nursing? Check out our video about the realities of becoming a nurse to find out more about the role, requirements and responsibilities.

  • How to Become a Lecturer

    • 24 May 2017

    Thinking of becoming a lecturer? In this article we explore what it takes for a successful career as a university professor.

  • How to Become a Personal Assistant

    • 23 May 2017

    If you are super organised and flexible with admin skills and the ability to plan for every outcome, a career as a PA could be for you. Check out our guide on how to become a Personal Assistant to find out more.

  • 5 Subtle signs that you might be about to get fired

    • 11 May 2017

    Getting fired is not exactly something anyone strives for. There can be many reasons as to why an employee might be fired by their company, most of which are entirely out of your control.

  • How to reject a job offer

    • 18 Apr 2017

    Sometimes, a position just isn’t right for you. This can be an awkward situation, but don’t worry, we’re here to help you!