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  • Optimising your Job Search: Best Application Pract

    Optimising your Job Search: Best Application Practices on Fish4Jobs

    • 5 Jan 2024
    • Evie Courtier

    Optimise your job search - learn how to apply smart, avoid being filtered out by applicant tracking systems, and develop your reputation as a credible job seeker.

  • How to Set up a Job Alert – Optimise your Job Sear

    How to Set up a Job Alert – Optimise your Job Search with Fish4Jobs

    • 24 Nov 2023
    • Ani Pattni | Evie Courtier

    Get the most out of your Fish4Jobs experience – be the first to apply for the latest job roles. Follow this ‘how to’ guide, to discover how to set up useful alerts and be notified as soon as a relevant job matches your criteria.

  • From New Hires to Top Performers: The Key Elements

    From New Hires to Top Performers: The Key Elements of Successful Talent Onboarding

    • 10 Nov 2023
    • Gemma Williams

    A successful onboarding plan maps out the steps for new employees to succeed in their roles and become an integral part of the company’s mission and culture - discover the latest tips from HR Consultant Gemma Williams.

  • Disability Employment & Recruitment: Advice to Dis

    Disability Employment & Recruitment: Advice to Disabled Candidates

    • 27 Jul 2023
    • Evie Courtier

    What is disability? What are the benefits of employing disabled people? What help is available to disabled candidates? TotallyLegal have partnered with Evenbreak, to lead the discussion of disability employment and recruitment.

  • Disability Confidence: How to Feel Confident in Your Job Search as a Disabled Candidate?

    • 22 Jun 2023
    • Evie Courtier

    Join the discussion of the challenges faced by disabled candidates, how to identify an inclusive employer, and ways in which you should feel confident as a candidate of disability.

  • Administrator Job Description

    • 9 Mar 2023
    • Evie Courtier

    In this Administrator job description article, we look at the responsibilities, requirements, and rewards of the role, while answering questions like “What does an Administrator do?”

  • New Year, New You: The 5 Top Industries on Fish4

    • 31 Jan 2023
    • Evie Courtier

    Fish4 brings you the top 5 industries for 2023 - ideal for new job seekers, or those seeking a career change. Discover the latest hospitality jobs, catering jobs and healthcare jobs.

  • How to Answer Tricky Interview Questions

    • 23 Dec 2022
    • Evie Courtier

    Interview questions and answers: our latest interview tips on how to answer tricky and common questions

  • Young Jobseekers: How to Secure your First Job

    • 9 Dec 2022
    • Evie Courtier

    Stuck on how to get your first job straight out of school? Follow our guide, for the latest tips and tricks on how to gain your first job after GCSEs or A-Levels.

  • Transferable Skills: How to Secure a New Job

    • 13 Oct 2022
    • Evie Courtier

    An overview of the key transferable skills employers look for, to help you secure a new job role

  • 10 Ways to Make a Good Impression at Your Next Job Interview

    • 9 May 2022

    When thinking about how to make a good first impression at a job interview, it is natural to skip ahead and start preparing for tough interview questions. However, there are other important elements to consider.

  • How to Resign From Your Job

    • 4 Mar 2022
    • Joshua Boynton

    Everyone resigns from a job eventually. Learn everything you need to know to resign with a minimum of fuss.

  • Bullying in the Workplace – and What You Can Do Ab

    Bullying in the Workplace – and What You Can Do About It

    • 25 Feb 2022
    • Joshua Boynton

    Many people are unaware of what actually constitutes workplace bullying and what they can do about it. Here’s what you need to know.

  • The Fish4jobs Ultimate Jobseekers Guide

    • 16 Sep 2021
    • Ethan Cumming

    Enhance your job search and boost your employability with the Fish4jobs Ultimate Jobseekers Guide, available to download for free today.

  • How We Are Making Fish4jobs More Accessible

    • 22 Mar 2021

    We are committed to making Fish4jobs accessible to as many people as possible. Here is an overview of the steps we have taken so far.

  • 4 Questions You Should Ask at Every Interview

    • 3 Mar 2021

    If you don't have any questions prepared to ask at the end of an interview, you are unlikely to get the job. Fortunately for you, this guest post from Inspiring Interns details 4 questions you should ask at every interview.

  • What to Do If You're Late for an Interview

    • 3 Mar 2021

    Being late for an interview is one of life's nightmare situations, and in the moment it can be hard to know the right course of action. Here's what to do if you're late for an interview.

  • How to Handle a Job Rejection

    • 3 Mar 2021

    There will come a time in life when you get rejected for a job. Although it can be a struggle to deal with feelings of rejection, there are several ways to stay motivated and continue your job search.

  • Investment Banker CV Template

    • 3 Mar 2021

    Before you start applying for investment banking jobs, you will need to make sure your CV is in good shape. Get started with out Investment Banker CV template.

  • Art Director CV Template

    • 3 Mar 2021

    Before applying for Art Director jobs, you need to make sure your CV is in prime condition. Check out our Art Director CV template to get started.