What the Nation Thinks about Relocation

To relocate or not to relocate? That is the question that may have crossed your mind when you’ve found the perfect opportunity, the salary and benefits that you’ve always wanted, an-…oh it’s not in your area.

According to YouGov, attitudes to relocating for work in the UK show that people would be happy to move to areas not too far from where they live. More of the UK population than ever before are willing to move around for a new opportunity, 37% are even willing to relocate globally.

Most wanted relocation cities
  1. Cambridge (45%)
  2. Brighton (44%)
  3. Edinburgh (41%)
Least wanted relocation cities
  1. Belfast (17%)
  2. Stoke (15%)
  3. Hull (13%)
Why Relocate for Work?

There so many advantages to job relocation. From better salary and career prospects, to improved work/life balance, it can be a complete shake up to your lifestyle.

Although, it’s not a decision that can be made easily. Uprooting your life, finding a new home and living further away from family and friends may not be for some.

If you’re not just fed up with your job, but the thought of staying put doesn’t fill you with joy either it is a good idea to weigh up the pros and cons.

No matter how great your job is, if you just don’t enjoy where you are living it can affect all aspects of your life including work performance.

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