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How to Use Social Media to Your Advantage

If you want to turn a new leaf this autumn, it might be worth cleaning up your online act… which means deleting any scandalous photos from your recent holiday to Ibiza! The last thing you’ll want to do is jeopardise your chances at a promotion by posting questionable content across social media. Therefore we’d advise you take a two-phase approach, by cleaning up your online act and using social networking to your distinct advantage. Here’s […]

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The Importance of a Professional Social Media Footprint

With the rise of social media, it’s now standard practice for employers and recruiters to analyse applicants’ profiles during the hiring process. Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram allow employers and recruiters to get a glimpse into who you really are – aside from what you’ve already told them on your CV or cover letter. That’s why you should ensure your digital […]

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Make Social Media Work for You in Your Job Search

These days, your application doesn’t stop with your CV and cover letter. Thanks to sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, employers have a wealth of information about potential candidates at their fingertips (and 80% take a look online before interview). If a quick click on Google shows some less-than-professional behaviour, your job search could suffer the consequences. So take a […]

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Teaching and Social Media: The Dos and Don’ts

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Navigating social media is hard enough as it is – but if you’re a teacher, it becomes that much more difficult. Scarily enough, even the most innocuous of photos or posts have the potential to derail a career in education. As such, we suggest that you practice discretion where necessary. That’s not to say you can’t have fun with it; just […]

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