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Agony Aunt: Ask Fish

Welcome to Ask Fish, where we answer your career questions and respond to your office gripes!   Two of my colleagues keep snogging in the kitchen, and I personally find it to be really inappropriate, not to mention it makes me uncomfortable. How can I ask for them to stop without making things awkward? –Totally Repulsed Totally Repulsed, This might […]

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The Impact of Brexit on Low/High Skilled Jobs

The weeks preceding the European Referendum saw a delicate and multifaceted issue defiled by divisive rhetoric and scaremongering from both brazen demagogues and from polarised members of the general public. Finger-pointing and point-scoring became the main political agenda, and this behaviour has since continued past the announcement of the leave campaign having secured an overall majority (with 51.9% voting to […]

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What Is a Job That Someone Can (Literally) Walk Into ?

Via Reddit Finding a job can be a difficult task, so the ability to walk into a role without having to go through the grueling application process is pretty appealing. Here are some of our favourite examples of people who were able to do just this (…though we wouldn’t recommend you try it yourself!) 1. Free parking “My friend Tom, not once, but 3 […]

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