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The 8 Most Frustrating Phrases To Hear While Job Hunting

Obviously the most frustrating phrase to hear while job hunting is ‘you’ve been unsuccessful,’ but these nuggets of annoyance are also pretty bad… 1. ‘You’re over-qualified.’ The big Daddy, most classic example of a frustrating piece of job hunting feedback. Let me decide if I want the position or not! 2. ‘You need more relevant experience.’ This is most annoying when you […]

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12 Awesome Movie Jobs We Wish We Had

Imagine how exciting life would be if these positions started to appear on recruitment sites! 1. Ghostbuster A ghostbuster from the movie Ghostbusters is employed to, well… bust ghosts! Ghostbusters hunt down and capture troublesome ghosts and remove them from the properties of their clients. Not only do ghostbusters get to wear funky boiler suits and cool yellow backpacks, sorry PROTONpacks, […]

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How To Overcome Impostor Syndrome In The Workplace

What is Impostor Syndrome? Impostor Syndrome is a general feeling of inadequacy or fear that you are going to get caught out as a ‘fraud’ at any time. An individual with Impostor Syndrome usually cannot recognise their own talents and achievements and thus feels a general sense of insecurity and fraudulence. Impostor Syndrome also exists in the workplace. The ‘Impostor’ may […]

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