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Four Questions You Should Ask at Every Interview

Most of our frantic pre-interview prep is dedicated to the big-ticket items, like making sure you can recite your last role’s responsibilities. But what we don’t tend to realise is that by the time we’re through that door, we’re through that door, and that’s when other considerations come into play. By that point, most potential employers would’ve familiarised themselves enough […]

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Questions to Ask at the Interview

Once the interview comes to a close, the employer will inevitably ask you those five dreaded words: “do you have any questions?” Whatever you do, don’t happily respond with “nope, I’m good”.  There’s nothing that says total disinterest more than having literally no questions prepared. This is your chance to show them that you’re enthusiastic about working for them and that you’ve actually researched […]

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What is Your Greatest Weakness and How to Answer It

how to answer what is your greatest weakness

It’s a common question from interviewers. It’s also one that troubles interviewees. “What is your greatest weakness?” The interviewer is finding out how insightful you are. You should be able to identify your own weaknesses. The interviewer is also trying to see how you handle awkward questions. You should use this question as an opportunity to prove that you’re both self-aware and capable of improving […]

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Common Interview Questions

Interviews can seem daunting, but preparation is the key to conquering nerves. We recommend you familarise yourself with the following types of questions, as these are bound to pop up in interview! Once you know what to expect, you can prepare examples based on your relevant work experience to support your answers. Behavioural questions Behavioural questions are asked as a predictor […]

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