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12 Of The Most Annoying Things Bosses Do

Some bosses are nice. Some bosses are not so nice. But all bosses are prone to these annoying habits…   1. Scheduling meetings for 4:30. 2. Saying ‘good afternoon’ when you’re 5 minutes late. 3. Asking you to work through lunch. via GIPHY 4. Putting you down for overtime you haven’t agreed to. 5. Praising others for your work. 6. […]

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21 Of The Most Irritating Business Phrases

It seems that people in the world of work have developed their own language. Cool right? No, not cool. Listening to people constantly talking in metaphors and hyperbole can be very annoying. Here are 21 of the most jargon filled, irritating phrases that we’re all sick of hearing…   1. ‘I’ll be putting pen to paper.’  2. ‘I need you to get […]

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