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The Best Paid Engineering Jobs

AEROSPACE What does an aerospace engineer do? Aerospace engineers focus on the design and mechanics behind vehicles of flight. Their role usually consists of the development, construction and testing of aircrafts and related technology (e.g. missiles and weapons, flight simulators, flight instruments). Your duties would range from developing aviation systems, to collecting and analysing test data, to creating avionic prototypes. […]

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3 Skills That Will Boost Your Employability in Fashion

Fashion is a competitive business – if you’re considering a career in the industry, it’s important that you have a balance of practical skills, knowledge, and hands-on experience. Employers will likely be on the lookout for someone with a professional attitude, who has at least minimal industry experience and possibly a fashion related academic background, too. London College of Contemporary […]

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So you want to be an Electrical Engineering Technician?

By Alistair Blair (RecOnsider) Some (perhaps many?) people are not sure what the difference is between Electricians and Electrical engineering technicians.  There is obviously a considerable crossover between the two, but I’d say that the latter install, maintain and repair electrical equipment and controls, often working on motors, panels, generators and transformers, whereas electricians are more commonly associated with fitting […]

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